David McCormack



Matterhorn             2001   ??   Produced by David McCormack

CD    AUS   Das Kong

David McCormack and The Polaroids:
Candy                  2002   12   Produced by Magoo and David McCormack

CD    AUS   Das Kong DK27062002

Save Dave              2003


The Truth About Love   2004   ??   Produced by Magoo and Wayne Connolly

CD    AUS   Laughing Outlaw

LP    AUS   Laughing Outlaw (issued 2005, limited edition with 5 bonus tracks)

Contribution to album

The Power And The Passion    2001
Stories of Me                2003
Write Your Adventures Down   2007

Session musician

Robert Forster   cd   Calling From a Country Phone   1993


Who's Gerald 1986-1989
C.O.W. 19?? Glenn Thompson
Miami 198? Paul Medew
Static Exhale
Custard 1989-1999
The Titanics 1999-2000
David McCormack and The Polaroids 2002-present

Members (David McCormack and The Polaroids)

Bruce Cameron (k) 2002-present
Lancaster Andrew (g) 200?-present
McCormack David (v,g) 2002-present
McCormack Dylan (b) 2002-present
Melder Shane (d) 2002-present Baton Rouge, Vincent Van Go Gos, Spy Alive, Spiral, The Hummingbirds, Dazychains, Died Pretty

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