Bill McDonald



Four Hours Sleep   cd   More Of Her   1996

Session musician

David Chesworth                lp      Tantrum                       1988
Ecco Homo                      12"     Motorcycle Baby               1988
Andrew Pendlebury              cd      Zing Went The Strings         1990
Power Trip feat. Larry Weems   track   Game U Play                   1991
Sweet Williams                 track   Wheel of Fortune              1991
Stephen Cummings               cd      Unguided Tour                 1992
Deborah Conway                 cd      Bitch Epic                    1993
My Friend The Chocolate Cake   cd      Brood                         1994
Stephen Cummings               cd      Falling Swinger               1994
Deborah Conway                 cd      Epic Theatre                  1994
Kerri Simpson and Veve         cd      Speak                         1996
Paul Kelly                     cdep    How To Make Gravy             1996
Stephen Cummings               cd      Escapist                      1996
Rebeccas Empire                cd      Way Of All Things             1996
Vika and Linda                 cd      Two Wings                     1999
Stephen Cummings               cd      Spiritual Bum                 1999
Vika and Linda                 cd      Live and Acoustic             2000
David Bridie                   cd      Act Of Free Choice            2000
Stephen Cummings               track   It's All Over Now Baby Blue   2000
Stephen Cummings               track   Born In Time                  2000
Stephen Cummings               cd      Skeleton Key                  2001
Kerri Simpson                  cd      Vodou Songs of the Spirits    2001
Kutcha Edwards                 cd      Cooinda                       2002
Vika and Linda                 cd      Love Is Mighty Close To You   2002
Stephen Cummings               cd      Firecracker                   2003
Tess McKenna                   cd      Boom Bam                      2003
Paul Kelly                     2cd     Ways and Means                2004
Stephen Cummings               cd      Love-O-Meter                  2005
Paul Kelly                     cd      Stolen Apples                 2007


Hot Half Hour 1982/1983
Whaddya Want 1986 David Chesworth, Warwick Bone, Phillip Jackson, Michael Tinney
The Index 1987- Donald Baldie, Martin Lubran, Carl Manuel, John Murphy, Simon Polinski, Sam Sejavka, Gus Till
Max Q 1989
Triple Peaks 1991 Rebecca Barnard, Terry Bartholomew, Al Harding, John McCall, Shane O'Mara, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson
Collossus 1991
Neneh Cherry Band (SWE)
Deborah Conway and The Mothers of Pearl 1991
Frente 1994-1997
Ultrasound 1995
Four Hours Sleep 1996
Rebecca's Empire 1998-present
Stephen Cummings Band 1999-present
Vika and Linda Band
Paul Kelly Band 2002-present
Stardust Five 2005-

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