Danny McDonald



Rock And Roll Records         2002    2   Produced by Danny McDonald

Single   FRA   Pop The Balloon (500 copies)

On The Beach At First Light   2002    4   Produced by Danny McDonald

EP       FRA   Pop The Balloon (500 copies)

Summer City                   2003   11

CD       AUS   MGM
         JAP   Wizzard in Vinyl
         USA   Zip

Into The Sun                  2004   16

CD       BRA   Tronador Music TMSS16 (compilation of P76 tracks from 1998-2002)

Fibrotones                    2005   12   Produced by Ernie O

CD       AUS   Off The Hip

Contribution to album

Shake Yer Pop Boomerang       2003
Planet Of The Pop Boomerang   2003


P76   cdep   Sleeping In   2002

Session musician

Superscope   cd   Torpedo   2002


Jericho 1995-1998
P76 1998-2002
Oscarlima 1999
The Stoneage Hearts 2001-2002
Danny McDonald Band 2002-present

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