Hugh McDonald



The Lawson Album   1994   14   Produced by Garth Porter

CD   AUS   ABC 518915.2


Judy Small    lp   Ladies and Gems                     1984
Judy Small    lp   One Voice in the Crowd              1985
Redgum        lp   Everything's Legal, Anything Goes   1985
Redgum        lp   Midnight Sun                        1986
Judy Small    lp   Home Front                          1988
Mick Slocum   lp   C'mon Aussie                        1988

Session musician

Gordon Franklin   s   Let The Franklin Flow   1983
Australia Too     s   The Garden              1985


The Bushwackers ? Mick Slocum, Tommy Emmanuel
Redgum 1982-1990

Sources of information: Redgum Discography by Gordon Clarke [Last updated 2 February 1998], Gordon Clarke
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