Tess McKenna



March                  1988   ??   Produced by Nick Smith

Mini-LP   AUS   X-Ray Records AX800

The One Way            1991

Single    AUS

Make Me Wonder         1993   14   Produced by Barry Stockley and Tess McKenna

CD        AUS   Little Horse/MDS TD7000
          AUS   ABC (re-issue 1993)

Take Me To The Place   1998   10   Produced by Michael den Elzen and Tess McKenna

CD        AUS   Styletone

Boom Bam               2003   10   Produced by Shane O'Mara and Tess McKenna

CD        AUS   Head Records

Contribution to album

Home For Christmas       1994
The Blue Album           1996
The Woodstock Sessions   2000

with Jen Anderson:
Lullaby And Goodnight    1996


Tess McKenna and The Catchfire 1988
The Right Furniture
Western District 1990
Tess McKenna Trio 1991-1992 Toni Edwards, Barry Stockley

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