Paul McKercher



DAZYchains       cdep   Daze Of Our Lives          1992
Glide            cdep   Shuffle Off To Buffalo     1992
Clouds           cd     Thunderhead                1993
The Cruel Sea    cd     Three Legged Dog           1995
Tumbleweed       cd     Galactaphonic              1995
The Apartments   cd     A Life Full Of Farewells   1995
Tumbleweed       cd     Return To Earth            1996
Spiderbait       cd     Ivy and The Big Apples     1996
The Cruel Sea    cd     Over Easy                  1998
The Jaynes       mcd    Dogbone                    1998
Augie March      cd     Sunset Studies             2000
Monique Brumby   cd     Signal Hill                2002
Augie March      cd     Strange Bird               2002
You Am I         cd     Deliverance                2002

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