Roger McLachlan



Fred Cheah       cd   Fred Cheah Sings   ????
Colleen Hewett   cd   Bulamama           2001

Session musician

Tim O'Brien         lp    OMT                           1981
Peter Cupples       lp    Fear of Thunder               1981
Jacko               s     I'm an Individual             198?
Sam McNally         lp    First Chance                  1982
Criston Barker      lp    Side By Side                  1983
Soundtrack          lp    Street Hero                   1984
Daryl Cotton        lp    It's Rockin' Good Fun         1984
John Williams       lp    RODTR                         1984
Linda Cable         lp    Ya-De-Ya                      1985
Brian Cadd          lp    No Stone Unturned             1985
Redgum              lp    Midnight Sun                  1986
D Fisk              lp    TTK                           1986
John Farnham        lp    Whispering Jack               1986
Doug Ashdown        lp    Love Lives                    1987
Soundtrack                Boulevard of Broken Dreams    1988
Karen Knowles       lp    LUA                           1989
Guy Pearce          s     Call Of The Wild              1989
Stefan Dennis       12"   Don't It Make You Feel Good   1989
Indecent Obsession  lp    Spoken Words                  1989
Kate Ceberano       lp    Brave                         1989
Short Circuit       lp    Waiting For The Big One       1989
Martin Lass         mc                                  1989
The Slow Club       cd    World of Wonders              1990
Craig McLachlan     cd    Check 1-2                     1990
Broderick Smith     cd    Suitcase                      1992
Merril Bainbridge   cd    The garden                    1995
Graham Goble        cd    Stop                          1995
Broken Voices       cd    Broken Voices                 1997
The Seekers         cd    Future Road                   1997
Merril Bainbridge   cd    Between The Days              1998

Normie Rowe         s     Maybe Tomorrow
Martin Lass         cd    Bach To The Future
Diana Trask         cd    Country Bumkin
Colleen Hewett      s     Gigolo
Colleen Hewett      s     Draming My Dreams
Anthony Warlow      cd    On The Boards
Janey Kitto         s     Blind Lead The Blind
Jim Haynes          cd    It's Nothing Serious
Wendy Rule          cd    Zero
Nikki Nicholls      cd    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Bob Venier          cd    ZoŽ

Soundtrack                Crocodile Dundee
Soundtrack                Evil Angels
Soundtrack                All The Rivers Run
Soundtrack                The Pirate
Soundtrack                Rebel
Soundtrack                The Man From Snowy River II
Soundtrack                Bliss
Soundtrack                Matthew and Son
Soundtrack                Raw Silk
Soundtrack                The Cheata
Soundtrack                Breakaway
Soundtrack                Muggers


Little River Band 1975-1976
Stars 1976-1977
Cliff Richard tour 1978
Barrie McAskill's God Warriors and Amazons 1978 Ross Hannaford, Mal Logan, Barrie McAskill, Geoff Spooner
Pyramid 198?
Linda Cable and The Local Heroes 1985
Frank J Holden and The Hounds of Sound 1985
White Light Orchestra 1986
Short Circuit 1987- Lisa Edwards
John Farnham band 1987-1988
Loose Change 1989-
Kitto 1990
Jon Stevens band 1993
Bass-ic Instinct 1996- Craig Newman, Evripides Evripidou
Little River Band 1998-1999
Mighty Oz Rock 2004 Mick Pealing, Gary Young, Lisa Mio, Harvey James, Angus Burchall, Stewart Wilkinson

Sources of information: Roger McLachlan
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