Grant McLennan



Watershed            1991   12   Produced by Dave Dobbyn

CD          UK    Beggars Banquet BBL 118 CD

Fireboy              1993   13   Produced by Dave Dobbyn

CD          UK    Beggars Banquet BBQCD 127

Horsebreaker Star    1994   24   Produced by John Keane

Double-CD   UK    Beggars Banquet BEGA 162 CD

CD          USA   (18 tracks)

In Your Bright Ray   1997   13   Produced by Wayne Connolly

CD          UK    Beggars Banquet BBQCD 192


Jack Frost        cd   Jack Frost                        1991
Club Hoy          ds   Da Da Da Da                       1991
Jack Frost        cd   Snow Job                          1996
The Go-Betweens   cd   16 Lovers Lane - Acoustic Demos   1996

Session musician

The Four Gods                      s    Enchanted House        1982
Paul Kelly and The Colured Girls   lp   Gossip                 1986
Mae Moore                          cd   Bohemia                1992
Stephen Cummings                   cd   Falling Swinger        1994
Kev Carmody                        cd   Images And Illusions   1996


The Go-Betweens 1977-1989,2000-present
The Lemons 1979 Robert Forster, Mark Callaghan, Dennis Cantwell, Alan Reilly
Tuff Monks 1982
Jack Frost 1990-1991,1995
Grant McLennan Trio 1991 Michael Barclay, Dave Dobbyn
Far Out Corporation 1998
Tomboy 2000 Dylan McCormack, Ross McLennan
died 2006.

Sources of information: Go-Betweens Homepage, Beggars Banquet Homepage, Stefan Warnqvist, David Nichols: The Go-Betweens, Vincent Simonetti
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