Iain McLennan



Through The Roof   1989

Mini-LP   AUS

Mauve              1991

CD        AUS   IMCL

Gypsy              1992

Single    AUS   Ruse

Session musician

Richard Clapton   lp   Main Street Jive   1976


Richard Clapton Band 1977-
Ariel 1976-1977
Mondo Rock 1978-1979
The Sports 1980
Iain McLennan and Through The Roof 1989-
Russell Morris Band 1994-
Hey Gringo

Members (Iain McLennan and Through The Roof)

Aldridge Greg (d) 1990 Mumbo Jumbo, Men Without Shame, Final Outcome, Back in Black, Jose Jason and The Argonauts
Callihan Phillip (b) 1990 ---
McLennan Iain (v) 1989-
Roberts Steve (k) 1990 ---
Stamoski Tony (g) 1990 ---

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