Billy Miller



Three Bells       1968

Single   AUS   Clarion

Sylvia            1968

Single   AUS   CBS

Victoria          1998

CD       AUS

Elsternwick '69   2000

CD       AUS

with Stewart D'Arietta:
Mad Max           1980

Single   AUS   RCA

Contribution to album

Mushroom 25 Live   1998


Frank Howson   s   Killing Ourselves   1978
V. Boys                                1985

Session musician

Soundtrack         lp   The Boy Who Dared To Dream
Blue Ruin          cd   I'm Gonna Smile              1990
Stephen Cummings   cd   Love-O-Meter                 2005


Jesus Christ Superstar (stageshow) 1972-1974
The Ferrets 1975-1979
Buster Brown 1975
Billy Miller and The Great Blokes 1979-1982
The Spaniards 1983-1986
The Gypsies 1987-1989 
The Redback Band 1988
Brothers Grimm 1990
The Love Brothers 1990-1991
Interchange Bench 1993-1998 Andrew Duffield, Sean Kelly, Ken Firth, Cal McCalpine
The Dave Graney Show 1998-2004
Dave Graney 'n' The Lurid Yellow Mist 2004-present

Members (Billy Miller and The Great Blokes)

Firth Ken (b,bv) 1979-1982
Howe Rodney (d)
Jacobsen Kerry (d) 1980 Tapestry, Mammal, Quincey Conserve, Dragon, Kevin Borich Express, Mondo Rock, Fast Foods, DV 8, Willy Winter Band, The Best
Lewis Graham (k)
Lunt Tony (d)
Miles Philip (b) 1982
Miller Billy (v) 1979-1982
Parahihi Phil (g) 1982 Spot The Aussie, Phil Para and The Persuaders, Kitto

Members (Billy Miller Band)

McCalpine Cal (d,bv) 2003
Miller Billy (v,g) 2003
Miller Eddie (g,k,bv,perc) 2003
Thomas Stu (b,bv) 2003

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