Lisa Miller



Do That For You                 1995   ??   Produced by Steve Hoy, Lisa Miller and Gordon Blake

CD-EP   AUS   In-Law Mother02

All Worked Out                  1995   ??   Produced by Shane O'Mara and Lisa Miller

CD-EP   AUS   In-Law Mother03

Quiet Girl With A Credit Card   1996   11   Produced by Graham Lee

CD      AUS   W. Minc WMINCD004

As Far As A Life Goes           1999   ??   Produced by Barry Palmer

CD      AUS   W. Minc WMINCD009

Car Tape                        2001   13   Produced by Shane O'Mara

CD      AUS   Raoul Records WIFECD001

Version Originale               2003   ??   Produced by Shane O'Mara

CD      AUS   Raoul Records WIFECD003

Pushover                        2004    8

CD-EP   AUS   Raoul Records WIFECD006

Contribution to album

Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door   1997
RRRewind In The Chapel                 1998
To Hal And Bacharach                   1998
Sea Change                             1998
Highlights from Studio 22              1999
Mullet (Soundtrack)                    2001
Triple J - Studio 22                   2002
Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)               2002
ABC Airplay Volume Five                2002
You Can't Hide Your Love Forever       2002
DIG - Music With Depth                 2002
She Will Have Her Way                  2005

Session musician

Andy Baylor                           cd   Andy Baylorís Cajun Combo    1992
David McComb                          cd   Love Of Will                 1994
Doug Mansfield & The Dust Devils      cd   You Can Never Go Home        1996
Andy Baylor                           cd   The Bush Is Full Of Ghosts   1997
The Blackeyed Susans                  cd   Spin The Bottle              1997
Barb Waters                           cd   Rosa Duet                    2003
Tim Rogers and The Temperance Union   cd   Spit Polish                  2004
David Chesworth                       cd   Music To See Through         2004
Rebecca Barnard                       cd   Fortified                    2006
Mark Seymour                          cd   Westgate                     2007


Hepaleptics 1986
The Whole Shebang 1987
Ever Lovin' O'Sheas 1988 Andy Baylor, Rick O'Shea, Warren Rough
The Prestones 1990 Andy Baylor, Steve Mander, Victor O'Neill, Graeme Thomas, Gary Young
The Trailblazers 1990-1991 Mark Ferrie, Nick Grant, Martin Lubran, Tony Thornton
Truckasaurus 1993-

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