Melbourne 1975-1977



It's a Deal                      1976   2

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Please Don't Mention The Junta   1977   1

Single   AUS   Soviet


Brosnan Tim (g) 1975-1977 True Wheels, The Romantics, Squeaky Girls, Paul Kelly and The Dots, The Runners, The Zimmermen, The Little Murders, The Rocking Love Gods, Dirt, The Hole, Slub, The Lost Weekend
Hicks David (d) 1977 Spike, Wildlife, Good Questions, The Jivers, Acme Swing Co, The Pins, The Kevins, True Brothers, Simon and The Likeables, Step By Step, Blue Healers, Spectum, Priscilla's Nightmare
Leeson Steve (b,bv) 1975-1977 Toads, The Kevins, Offbeats
Segnit Karl (d) 1975-1977 Sharks, The Pelaco Brothers, The Autodrifters
Smith Nick (v,g) 1975-1977
Vynhal Henry (viol) 1975-1977 Sharks, The Pelaco Brothers, solo-single, Teen Beats, So Clean
Walters Reynold Barton (g) 1977 Wildlife, Yellow Yachts, Bang, Pyramid

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