Mario Millo



Epic III                  1979    8

CD       ???   MUSEA FGBG 4319.AR

LP       AUS   Polydor

Human Games               1983    9

LP       AUS   EMI/Wheatley

World Safari II (OST)     1984

LP       AUS   Powderworks/BMG

A Fortunate Life (OST)    1986

LP       AUS   Polydor

The Lighthorsemen (OST)   1989

LP       AUS   Festival

Brides of Christ (OST)    1991

CD       AUS   ABC

Oceans Of The Mind        2002    8

CD       AUS   Red Moon Music #RED 01-008

with Jon English:
Against The Wind          1978

LP       AUS   Polydor
         SWE   Frituna FRLP-157

MC       SWE   Frituna FRKA-157

shared with Ronnie Peel:
Let It Go/Rebecca         1979    2

Single   AUS   Razzle/Festival (from "The Australian Guitar Album")

Contribution to album

All Fired Up - Lost Treasures 1970-1990   2002


Dark Tan      lp   After Dark Tan   1980
Jon English   lp   Dark Horses      1986

Session musician

Paul O'Gorman   lp   PATP   1978


The Menu/The Clik/The Fantasy 1969-1971 Brian Nicholls, Vince Moult, Mark Friedland
The Clik 1972-1973 Garry Adams, Phil Cogan, Doug Bligh, Justin McCoy
Sebastian Hardie 1973-1976
Windchase 1976-1977
Baxter Funt 1978
Sebastian Hardie 1994

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