New Zealand 1978-1984



Straight Laddie        1978    2

Single      NZL   EMI

Graffiti Crimes        1979   10   Produced by Peter Dawkins

CD          AUS   CBS

LP          AUS   CBS
            AUS   CBS (re-issue, added "Computer Games")
            HOL   CBS 83954 (11 tracks)
            HOL   CBS (entitled "Computer Games")

Computer Games         1979

Single      AUS   CBS

Space Race             1980   11

LP          AUS   CBS

Shanghaied!            1981   11   Produced by Mi-Sex, John Sayers and Dave Marett

LP          AUS   CBS

MC          AUS   CBS PC7701

Where Do They Go?      1983   10   Produced by Bob Clearmountain

LP          AUS   CBS
            HOL   CBS 25863 (issued 1984, other tracks?)

MC          HOL   CBS 25863 (issued 1984, other tracks?)

Greatest Hits          1984

LP          AUS   CBS

79-85                  19??   13

CD          AUS   CBS

LP          AUS   CBS

MC          AUS   CBS

Computer Games         1988    4

EP          AUS   CBS

Caught In The Act      1992   22

Double-CD   AUS   Rainbow ("Space Race" and "Shanghaied")

CDEP                   1996    4

CD-EP       AUS   Epic 486530.2

The Essential Mi-Sex   2007   19

CD          AUS   Sony BMG


Bayley Colin (g,v) 1983-1984 ---
Burns Murray (k) 1978-1984 Boy Rocking, Good Vibrations (session)
Dunningham Paul (d) 1981-1984 Coup D'etat
Gilpin Steve (v) 1978-1984 Rapid Fire, Steve Gilpin and Under Rapz. died 1992
Hodgkinson Richard (d) 1978-1981 Silent Movies, Simons Dee and The Desires, one solo-album
Martin Don (b) 1978-1984 ---
Stanton Kevin (g) 1978-1984 Think, Brigade, Fragments of Time
Yanni Ted (g) 1982 Maple Lace, Levi Smith's Clefs, Pulsar, Renee Geyer Band, 93-D

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, Anthony Horan
© Magnus Holmgren
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