Adelaide 1972-1974



Mississippi               1972   11   Produced by Peter Jones and Ern Rose

CD       AUS   (issued 199?)
         AUS   (re-issue 2000)

LP       AUS   Bootleg
         USA   Fantasy Records F-9438 (issued 1973)

Early Morning             1973

Single   AUS   Bootleg BL 185

Will I                    1974

Single   AUS   Bootleg

Beginnings (Before LRB)   1978

LP       USA   Capitol SN-11993 (issued 1979) (5/11 tracks)


Birtles Beeb (v,g) 1973-1974
Deluca Colin (b) 1972-1973 The Sultan Brothers
Goble Graham (g,v) 1972-1974
James Harvey (g) 1973-1974 Clydehouse, Sayla, Wendy Saddington Band, Ariel, Sherbet, The Sherbs, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Swanee, Richard Clapton Band, The Party Boys, Sons of Don Lane, Mighty Oz Rock
Johnson Russ (v,g) 1972-1973 Alison Gros, Country Radio, Stevie Wright Band, Russell-Royden Band, Barrie McAskill's On Fire, The Sultan Brothers, Cliff And The Hangovers
Martin Peter (g) 1973-1974
Mower John (v,g) 1973 Alison Gros
Pellici Derek (d) 1973-1974
Santos Andre (b,v) 1973
Tolhurst Kerryn (g) 1973
Tumahai Charlie (b) 1973- Chain
Van Zyl Ted (d) 1973-1974 The Sultan Brothers

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, Beeb Birtles On The Web
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