Sydney 1983-1989



Another Day In The Sun   1985    2

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT012

The Moffs                1986    5

Mini-LP   AUS   Citadel CITLP 503

Flowers                  1987    2

Single    AUS   Citadel

Labyrinth                1987    8   Produced by The Moffs

CD        AUS   Citadel
          GER   Citadel/Normal CGAS 809 CD (contains 4 bonus tracks)

LP        AUS   Citadel CITLP 513
          GER   Normal CGAS809

Entymology               1988

LP        AUS   Citadel CITLP 520

Pschyadelicatessen       1994   14

CD        AUS   Citadel CITCD531


Barnes Scott (k,p) 1987-1989 ---
Byrnes Andrew (d,perc) 1987-1989 Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, Taj Orange, Clouds
Byrnes David (b,bv) 1983-1989 Lazarus, Taj Orange
Duncan Mick (k) 1985-1987 No Man's Land, Via Satelite, Eternal Teenagers, The Flaming Barstools
Giles Damon (k) 1987 Stupidity, Suicidal Flowers, The Obvious Question
Hislop Alan (d) 1984-1987 Trash Potatoes, Interstellar Villains, The Obvious Question
Kazas Tom (v,g,mellotron,bells) 1983-1989
Potts Nick (k,harm) 1983-1985 Flowerpot Men, No Man's Land, Suicidal Flowers, Interstellar Villains, Kings
Saul Brandon (d) 1983-1984 ---

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Labyrinth - A tribute site for The Moffs
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