Mondo Rock

Melbourne 1977-1979,1980-1988,1990-1991



Fugitive Kind                   1978    2

Single      AUS   Oz

Love Shock                      1979    2

Single      AUS   Oz

Primal Park                     1979    9   Produced by Ross Wilson

LP          AUS   Avenue
            AUS   Oz/EMI OZS.1014

Mondo Rock Chemistry            1981   10   Produced by Mark Moffatt and Ern Rose

CD          AUS   EMI 7468962 (issued 1997?)

LP          AUS   Avenue L37592
            AUS   Avenue SD 19337 (re-issue)
            UK    Atlantic K 50843
            USA   Atlantic SD 19337

Nuovo Mondo                     1982   10   Produced by Peter McIan

CD          AUS   RCA SPCD1153 (issued 1990?)

LP          AUS   WEA 600124

MC          AUS   WEA M5 600124

The Modern Bop                  1984   10   Produced by John Sayers and Mondo Rock

CD          AUS   RCA SPCD1152 (issued 1990?)

LP          AUS   WEA 250391-1

MC          AUS   WEA 250391-4

Good Advice                     1984    2   Produced by Mark Moffatt

Single      AUS   Polygram

The Moment                      1985    2   Produced by Mark Moffatt

Single      AUS   Polygram

Mondo Rock                      1985    9   Produced by John Sayers, Mondo Rock and Mark Moffatt

CD          GER   Polydor 825 822-4

LP          GER   Polydor 825 822-1
            USA   Columbia BFC 40143 (different cover, missing "Happy Families", added "No Time", remixes of "Come Said The Boy" and "The Moment", no lyrics)

MC          GER   Polydor 825 822-4

Up To The Moment                1985   12

CD          AUS   Polydor 825 597-2

LP          AUS   Polydor 825 597-1

MC          AUS   Polydor 825 597-4

Boom Baby Boom                  1986   10   Produced by Bill Drescher

CD          USA   Columbia (issued 1987)

LP          AUS   Polydor
            GER   Polydor (issued 1987)
            USA   Columbia BFC 40470 (issued 1987)

Aliens                          1987

Mini-LP     AUS   WEA

Best of Dragon and Mondo Rock   1990   18

CD          AUS   J&B JB418CD (9/18 tracks, other tracks by Dragon)

Aussie Four Pack                1990   32

Double-CD   AUS   J&B JB589CD (8/32 tracks, other tracks by Angels, Dragon and Mental As Anything)

Why Fight It?                   1991   10   Produced by Waddy Wachtel

CD          AUS   BMG VPCD0831

The Essential Mondo Rock        2003   29

Double-CD   AUS   Sony 5139 86 2000

The Greatest                    2004   17

CD          AUS

Contribution to album

Rocking Australia Live                     1982
All Fired Up - Lost Treasures 1970-1990    2002


Azzopardi Mary (bv) 1991 Afrika, The Rock Party, Rockmelons, Ian Moss Band, Margaret Urlich Band
Bell Andrew (g) 1980 Scumbag, Toads, Metropolis, Stiletto
Belton Ian (b) 1990-1991 Malcolm McCallum Band, QED, Renee Geyer Band, Dave Dobbyn and The Stone People, Dave Dobbyn Band, Ian Moss Band, The Robynne Dunn Band, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Gyan, died 1993.
Black James (k) 1980-1984
Buchanan Andy (d) 1981 Darryl Cotton Band, Jeff St. John Band
Bulpin Randy (g) 1978-1979 Toads, Northwind, Hot Club, Nellie Packer Band, James Freud and Berlin, Darryl Cotton Band, Aliens, The Runners, Brave Men, The Fabs, Ian Moss Band, King Bees, Fresh, Broderick Smith Band
Christie Paul (b) 1980-1982 Feet First, Loose Booty, Kevin Borich Express, The Party Boys, Good Vibrations (session), The Big Daddys
Cook Greg (g,org) 1977 Silk 'n' Dreams, Cam-Pact, The Graduates, Mixtures, Skylight, Ram Band, Mandu, Phil Manning Band, Billy T, Freeway, Hot Band, The Gentlemen
Courtney Trevor (d) 1977-1978 The Chants, Chants R'n'B, Cam-pact, The Meating, The Vibrants, Skylight, Silver Sun, Phil Manning Band, Stylus, Bill Miller's Great Blokes, Short Circuit, De-Part-Mental
Farmer Mitch (d) 1990 Chris Turner Band, Big Rock Band, Sharon O'Neill Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Dragon, Groove City Co-Op, The Devotions, Eastick-Emmanuel Band, Say Yes, Emmanuel Brothers Band, Rick Price Band
Gillard James (b) 1982-1988,1990 Pease Partridge Band, Western Flyer, Tremors, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Richard Clapton Band, Bob Starkie Shape Up, Tania Bowra Band, The Fargone Beauties, Parisbeat
Gyllies Simon (b) 1978-1979 Daryl Cotton Band, The Imports, Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, died 1984
Hackett J.J. (d,perc,g) 1981-1988,1990 Tidewater, Rum Jungle, Phil Manning Band, Fabulaires, Stars, The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert, Surfside 6, Hoi Polloi, Relax With Max, Rimshots, G.C.'s Eternal Struggle, Up All Night, Respect, Manic Rockers From Hell, Ross Hannaford Trio, Angel Hearts, Ramblin' Rose, Rick O'Shea's Flaming Stars, The Important Brothers
Jacobsen Kerry (d) 1980 Tapestry, Mammal, Quincey Conserve, Dragon, Kevin Borich Express, Fast Foods, DV 8, Willy Winter Band, Billy Miller and The Great Blokes, The Best
Jones Chris (b) 1977-1978 Melbourne Zoo
Laffy Peter (g) 1977-1978 Fox, Freeway, Jim Keays' Southern Cross, Hot Club, Nellie Packer Band, Christie Allen Band, Big Kombi, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, The Ryans, A Ring Of Truth, The Roofcats, King Bees, Joe Creighton Band
Matthews Gil (d) 1979,1981 John Konrad's Kaydets, The Silhouettes, The Scorpions, The Impacts, The Clefs, Levis Smith's Clefs, John Rupert Group, Grantley Dee Band, Rain, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Taurus, Chorus, Phil Manning Band, Kevin Borich Express, Morgan and Matthews, The Elks, Southern Electric, The Rondells, Richard Clapton Band, The Party Boys, Cybotron, The Rondells
McCusker Eric (g,k) 1980-1988,1990-1991 Jeff St. John, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, The Matchbox Band, Strange Bedfellows, Tootsweet
McLennan Iain (d) 1978-1979
Newham Colin "Polly" (k) 1988 The Reels, Numbers, Ya Ya Choral
Phillips Simon (b) 1979 ---
Ross Andrew (sax,k) 1986-1988,1990 Currents, Kid Royal, Marcia Hines, Motorco, Ward 13, Animal Dance, Naughty Rhythms, Arms and Legs, Sea Monsters, Andrew Hosking and Coupe de Ville
Slavich Tony (k) 1977-1978 Sun, Richard Clapton Band, Ariel, Instant Replay, The Heaters, Goldrush, Phil Emmanuel Band, Apollo Bay, Ian Stevens Band
Sullivan Barry (b) 1977-1978 Thursday's Children, The Wild Cherries, Chain, Flite, Pilgrimage, Carson, Mighty Mouse, Sanctuary, Renee Geyer Band, Kevin Borich Express, Cosy Connection, John Farnham Band, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Doc Span Blues Band
Timms Sean (k) 1990 No Cause For Alarm
Van Rosendaal Eddie (d) 1979 The Revolution, The Lewis Kane People, Scumbag, Sharks, Toads, Stiletto, Red Symons Band, The Traitors, The Romantics, News, The Bushwackers, The Escalators
Veall Duncan (k) 1984-1985,1990 Russell Morris Band
Williams Mark (bv) 1991 Mark Williams, The Face, Boy Rocking, Jenny Morris Band, Ian Moss Band
Winter Ian (g) 1977-1978 The Brothers Grimm, The Five Just Men, Kite, Pigface, Carson, Daddy Cool, Willy Winter Band, De Castro, Foreday Riders, Blackfeather, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Kevin McLaughlin and The Murrimbidgee, Mondo Rock, Ray Arnott Band
Worrell Bernie (k) 1991 ---
Wilson Ross (v,harm) 1977-1979,1980-1988,1990-1991

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, Ross Wilson Homepage
© Magnus Holmgren
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