Sydney 1996-1997



Postcard To Hawaii   1996   13   Produced by Phil Ceberano, James Freud and Tony Hunt

CD   AUS   Camouflage/TWA CAMD203

MC   AUS   Camouflage/TWA CAMC203


Bloxsom Colin (lap steel) 1996-1997 Pop Rivets, F.X., The Repairs, John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong, The Sparklers, The Criers, Deep Blue Sea, Cleopatra Wong tour
Ceberano Phil (g,bv) 1996-1997 Big Choir, Battle Happy, Kate Ceberano and Her Septet, Thor, Kate Ceberano and The Ministry of Fun, Technicolor, Sexual Chocolate, Los Bajinas, Trentwood
Freud James (v,b) 1996-1997
Hunt Tony (g,ukelele,b) 1996-1997
Plaza Martin (g,ukelele,bv) 1996
Royal Greg (b,bv) 1996-1997
Trout Warren (d,perc) 1996-1997

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