Jenny Morris



Puberty Blues                1981

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Little By Little             1982

Single   AUS   EMI

Get Some Humour              1985

Single   AUS   WEA
Body And Soul                1987   10   Produced by Mark Moffatt and Andrew Farriss

CD       AUS   WEA 254 897-2
         GER   WEA 254 897-2

LP       AUS   WEA 254 897-1
         CAN   WEA 25 48971
         GER   WEA 254 897-1

MC       AUS   WEA 254 897-4
         GER   WEA 254 897-4

Shiver                       1989   10   Produced by Andrew Farriss

CD       AUS   WEA 256462-2
         USA   Giant 24407-2 (added "You I Know" and "Light Hearted", missing 2 tracks)

LP       AUS   WEA 256462-1

MC       AUS   WEA 256462-4

Honeychild                   1991   12   Produced by Nick Launay, Jenny Morris and Mark Forrester

CD       AUS   East West 9031-75480-2
         GER   East West 9031-75480-2

The Story So Far             1992   16   Produced by Michael Hutchence

CD       AUS   WEA

MC       AUS   WEA

Salvation Jane               1995   13

CD       AUS   rooArt

Hit & Myth                   2002   11   Produced by Nick Wales, Jenny Morris and Steve Peach

CD       AUS   Yep! YEP005

Listen: The Very Best Of     2004   17

CD       AUS   EastWest 5046725952

Clear Blue In Stormy Skies   2006   12

CD       AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0882

Contribution to album

Good Vibrations            1998
The Underwater Melon Man   1999
The Women At The Well      2002

Session musician

Geoff Chunn                                             1982
I Am Joe's Music   lp    I Am Joe's Music               1983
The Models         lp    The Pleasure Of Your Company   1983
D.D. Smash         lp    The Optimist                   1984
INXS               lp    The Swing                      1984
Dropbears          mlp   Dropbears                      1984
Various            lp    ABC Children's Series no 2     1989
Moondog            cd    Moondog                        1997


Widemouth Frogs (NZ)
The Crocodiles (NZ) 1979-1981 Tony Backhouse, Peter Dasent, Fane Flaws, Ian Gilroy, Mark Hornibrook, Bruno Lawrence, Tina Mathews, Barton Price
QED 1983-1985
The Party Boys (NZ) 1984 Dave Dobbyn, Dave McArtney, Peter Warren, Mike Chunn
Dave Dobbyn tour 1984
INXS tour 1985
The Rock Party 1986

Sources of information: Jenny Morris Homepage, Stefan Warnqvist
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