Russell Morris



Russell Morris:
The Real Thing                           1969    2   Produced by Molly Meldrum

Single   AUS   EMI/Columbia
         UK    Decca
         USA   Diamond

The Girl That I Love                     1969    2

Single   AUS   EMI/Columbia

Rachel                                   1970    2   Produced by Howard Gable

Single   AUS   EMI/Columbia

Mr America                               1971    2

Single   AUS   EMI/Columbia

Bloodstone                               1971   ??   Produced by Howard Gable

LP       AUS   EMI/Columbia

Live With Friends                        1972    2

Single   AUS   sanity

Wings of an Eagle                        1972    2

Single   AUS   sanity

Wings of an Eagle and Other Great Hits   1973

LP       AUS   EMI/Columbia

Russell Morris                           1975

LP       AUS   Wizard
         USA   RCA

Turn It On                               1976

LP       AUS   Wizard
         USA   RCA (entitled "Russell Morris 2")

Retrospective                            1978

LP       AUS   EMI

Russell Morris Band:
Foot In The Door                         1979    9

LP       AUS   Mushroom/Festival L37074

Russell Morris and The Rubes:
Almost Frantic                           1980   10   Produced by David Briggs

LP       AUS   Mushroom/Festival L37488

Get It Right                             1982    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom/Festival

Russell Morris:
I'll Stay With You                       1983    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom/Festival

The Real Thing (remix)                   1990

Maxi     AUS   EMI

A Thousand Suns                          1991   ??   Produced by Mark Moffatt

CD       AUS   Festival

Fundamentalist                           2007   15

CD       AUS   Liberation Blue

with Daryl Cotton and Ronnie Burns:
Burns, Cotton and Morris                 199?

CD       AUS

Contribution to album

The Mushroom Evolution Concert               1982
Sample People (Soundtrack)                   2000
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


Somebody's Image 1966-1968 Phillip Raphael, Kevin Thomas, Les Allen, Eric Cairns
Russell Morris and Cycle 1971-1972
Russell Morris Band 1978-1980
Russell Morris and The Rubes 1980-1983
Russell Morris Band 1983-1984
The Rocky Horror Show (stageshow) 198?
Russell Morris and The Lonely Boys 1986-1989
Russell Morris and The Word 1990
Jesus Christ Superstar (stageshow) 1992 Angry Anderson, Kate Ceberano, John Farnham, Jon Stevens, John Waters
Russell Morris Band 1994-
Burns, Cotton and Morris 1996- Daryl Cotton, Ronnie Burns

Members (Russell Morris Band)

Amenta Joey (g) 1978-1980 Taste, Redhouse, The Darryl Cotton Band
Black James (k) 1979-1980
Brus Harry (b) 199? The Amazons, Dave Miller Set, Little Sammy and The In People, Copperwine, Birth, Hunger, Blackfeather, Mother Earth, The Bobby Gebert Trio, Kevin Borich Express, Fender Benders, Foreday Riders, Australian Crawl, Renee Geyer Band, Duffhead, The Healers, Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues Band, Jimmy Barnes Band
Cram Barry (d) 1978-1979 Michael Turner in Session, Finch, Avalanche, Ray Burgess Band, Pantha, Contraband, Front Page, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Elliot Keith (d) 1979,1983-1984 Instant Replay
Formosa Alex (d) 1984
Lim Chong (k) 1994-
McLennan Iain (d) 1994-
Milikan Tim (b) 1994-
Monea Vinnie (g) 1983-1984
Morris Russell (g,v) 1978-1980,1983-1984,1994-
Philipas Spiro (b) 1983-1984 Cult, The Chelsea Set, Ronnie Charles Band, Daryl Cotton Band, Goanna Band, The Blue Healers, Race Car Drivers
Puchala Rick (d) 1979-1980 Richard Clapton Band, Glynn Mason's Loose String Band, The Rubes, Bobby James Syndicate
Reading Trevor (g) 1994- City, The Runners, Weekend Rockstars, Richard Clapton Band, Brent Paralane Band, Sweethearts, Bobby Valentine and The Sweethearts
Sandell Bruce (sax) 1979-1980 Rum Jungle
Thompson Graham (b) 1978-1980
Veall Duncan (k) 1983-1984 Mondo Rock
White Ralph (k,sax) 1978-1979 Renee Geyer Band, Flash and The Pan

Members (Russell Morris and The Rubes)

Chazan Max (g) 1980-1983 Hot Band, The Rubes
Geappon Robbie (b) 1982 Phil Manning Band, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Joyce Brothers, Mal Eastick Band, Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions, Cletis Carr Band, Fresh, The Giants
Gillard James (b) 1981-1982 Pease Partridge Band, Western Flyer, Tremors, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Richard Clapton Band, Mondo Rock, Bob Starkie Shape Up, Tania Bowra Band, The Fargone Beauties, Parisbeat
Haymes Bruce (k) 1980-1983
Morris Russell (g,v) 1980-1983
Philipas Spiro (b) 1982-1983 Cult, The Chelsea Set, Ronnie Charles, Daryl Cotton Band, Goanna Band, The Blue Healers, Race Car Drivers
Puchala Rick (d) 1980-1983 Richard Clapton Band, Glynn Mason's Loose String Band, The Rubes, Bobby James Syndicate
Sandell Bruce (sax) 1980-1983 Rum Jungle
Thompson Graham (b) 1980-1981

Members (Russell Morris and The Lonely Boys)

Mahoney Ron (d) 1986-1989
Morris Russell (g,v) 1986-1989
Russell Dave (b) 1986-1989
Tipping Col (g) 1986-1989

Members (Russell Morris and The Word)

Gray Rob (b) 1990
Joyce Steve (g) 1990
Mahoney Ron (d) 1990
Morris Russell (g,v) 1990
Wilson Chris (k) 1990 Buster Brown, Jeff Duff, Myriad, The Ride Band, Silver Studs, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Superscope, Broderick Smith Band, Phil Manning Band, A Couple Of Swells, Hi Tones, Where's Broderick?, The Beat Boys, Flat Tops, Priscilla's Nightmare, Lewis and Young and Friends, The Giants

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