Ian Moss



Matchbook                1989   10   Produced by Chris Lord-Alge and Ian Moss

CD      AUS   Mushroom TVD 93307/RMD 53307
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH32144.2
        SWE   Mushroom D93307

LP      AUS   Mushroom TVL 93307/RML 53307
        SWE   Mushroom L93307

MC      AUS   Mushroom TVC 93307/RMC 53307

Worlds Away              1991   11   Produced by Peter Walker and Ian Moss

CD      AUS   Mushroom TVD 93350/RMD 53350
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH32145.2
        SWE   Mushroom TVD 93350/RMD 53350

Petrolhead               1996   11   Produced by Don Walker

CD      AUS   TWA TWAD107

Ian Moss Box Set         1997   21

CDBOX   AUS   TWA TWAX403 (Petrolhead + Ian Moss Live CD)

Ian Moss Live            1998   10

CD      AUS   TWA

Six Strings              2005   16

CD      AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0842

Let's All Get Together   2007

CD      AUS

Contribution to album

The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Good Vibrations                      1998
Mushroom 25 Live                     1998
A Night Out - Live At The Basement   2001

Session musician

Daryl Braithwaite   s     Old Sid                              1976
Daryl Braithwaite   s     Afterglow                            1977
Rockwell T. James   lp    Shot of Rhythm and Blues             1977
The Flowers         lp    Icehouse                             1980
Don Walker          lp    Freedom (Soundtrack)                 1981
Richard Clapton     lp    The Great Escape                     1982
Marc Hunter         lp    Communication                        1986
Jenny Morris        lp    Body and Soul                        1987
Catfish             cd    Ruby                                 1991
Alex Formosa        cd    Alex Formosa                         1992
The Black Sorrows   cd    Better Times                         1992
Richard Clapton     cd    Distant Thunder                      1993
Jimmy Barnes        cd    Heat                                 1993
Don Walker          cd    We're All Gunna Die                  1995
Steve Prestwich     cd    Since You've Been Gone               2000
Iva Davies          cds   Circles In The Sky                   2000
Jimmy Barnes        cd    Raw                                  2001
Jimmy Barnes        cd    Double Jeopardy                      2001
Richard Clapton     cd    Diamond Mine                         2004
Don Walker          cd    Cutting Back                         2006


The Scene 1969 Robert Fortunaso, John Fortunaso
Anger and Tears 1970 Roger Harris, David Michel
? 1972 Rob Young, Phil Small
Orange 1973 Jimmy Barnes, Don Walker, Steve Prestwich, Leszek Kaczmarek
Cold Chisel 1973-1983,1997-1999,2003
The Pye Dogs 1992 Dave Blight, Paul Burton, Paul DeMarco

Sources of information: Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, Eva Zsigri, Jerome Withers, Michael Lawrence: Showtime - The Cold Chisel Story
© Magnus Holmgren
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