Helen Mountfort



Upside Down At The Bottom Of The World   2001   12


as Helen Mountfort and Hope Csutoros with My Friend The Chocolate Cake:
Minds Eye                                1997

CD   AUS   ? (only available through mail-order)


My Friend The Chocolate Cake   cd    My Friend The Chocolate Cake   1991
My Friend The Chocolate Cake   cd    Brood                          1994
My Friend The Chocolate Cake   cd    Good Luck                      1996
My Friend The Chocolate Cake   cd    Curious                        2002

Session musician

Not Drowning Waving                cd   Tabaran                       1989
The Somerfields                    ep   The Somerfields               1990
Tiddas                             cd   Sing About Life               1993
Things Of Stone And Wood           cd   The Yearning                  1993
Deborah Conway                     cd   Bitch Epic                    1993
Things Of Stone And Wood           cd   Junk Theatre                  1994
Ruby Hunter                        cd   Thoughts Within               1994
Deborah Conway                     cd   Epic Theatre                  1994
The Blackeyed Susans               cd   Mouth To Mouth                1995
Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes   cd   The Soft 'n' Sexy Sound       1995
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds        cd   Murder Ballads                1996
Hugo Race and The True Spirit      cd   Valley of Light               1996
Nick Barker                        cd   Damn Mermaids!                1996
Rebeccas Empire                    cd   Way Of All Things             1996
Vika and Linda                     cd   Princess Tabu                 1996
The Badloves                       cd   Everybody Everywhere          1997
The Blackeyed Susans               cd   Spin The Bottle               1997
Monique Brumby                     cd   Thylacine                     1997
Jebediah                           cd   Slightly Odway                1997
Hunters and Collectors             cd   Juggernaut                    1998
Midnight Oil                       cd   Redneck Wonderland            1998
Nick Barker                        cd   Annie Get Your Guru           1999
David Bridie                       cd   Act Of Free Choice            2000
Anne McCue                         cd   Amazing Ordinary Things       2001
Mark Seymour                       cd   One Eyed Man                  2001
The Go-Betweens                    cd   Bright Yellow Bright Orange   2003
The Blackeyed Susans               cd   Shangri-La                    2003


Not Drowning, Waving 1989-1993,1996
Hobgoblin Sextet 1989 Luke Blackburn, David Branson, James Hurst, Russell Kilbey, John Phillips, David Thrussel
My Friend The Chocolate Cake 1990-present
Pandora's Box 1993 Jen Anderson
acoustic shows with Diesel 1997
Cosmo Cosmolino 200? Hope Csutoros, Andrea Keeble, Judy Gunson, Dan Witton

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