Ted Mulry



Ted Mulry:
Julia                   1970    2

Single   AUS   EMI

Falling In Love Again   1970

LP       AUS   Albert

I Won't Look Back       1971

LP       AUS   Albert

Ted Mulry Gang:
Here We Are             1974

CD       AUS   Albert

LP       AUS   Albert

Struttin'               1976

LP       AUS   Albert

Steppin' Out            1976

LP       AUS   Albert

Greatest Hits           1977

LP       AUS   Albert

The TMG Album           1977

LP       AUS   Mushroom

Disturbing The Peace    1978

LP       AUS   Mushroom

TMG Live                1979

LP       AUS   Mushroom

Locked In               1980   ??   Produced by Eddie Leonetti

LP       AUS   Mushroom

Re-Union                1989

LP       AUS   CBS

Contribution to album

All Fired Up - Lost Treasures 1970-1990   2002
Triple J - Archive Series 1975            2005


Plunderers   10"   Sarah's Not Falling In Love   1990

Session musician

Elm Tree         s   Rainbow   1970
Bobbi Marchini   s             1973


Ted Mulry Gang 1972-
died 2001.

Members (Ted Mulry Gang)

Dixon Gary (g) 1974- Fat Harry
Hall Les (g) 1972- Velvet Underground
Kovacs Herman (d) 1972- Velvet Underground
Mulry Ted (v,b) 1972-

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