Astrid Munday



Astrid Munday         1998   13   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Blah Blah Blah BBB0101

Apparition            2000   15   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Laughing Outlaw Records LORCD-012

Sunshine & Promises   2006   12   Produced by Tony Cohen & Astrid Munday

CD          AUS   AZM/MGM AZMCD 001 (Independent)

YLEM vs. Astrid:
Dreamfeel             2001    2

Single      UK    TNT Productions TNTN 8W (12" single)

Session musician

Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   dlp   Gossip             1986
Porcelain Bus                       mlp   Steel Bros         1987
The Killer Sheep                    s     Wild Down Home     1988
Died Pretty                         lp    Lost               1988
G.W. McLennan                       cd    Watershed          1991
The Cruel Sea                       cd    Three Legged Dog   1995
Delicatessen                        cd    Hustle Into Bed    1995
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds         cd    Murder Ballads     1996


Killer Sheep 1986-1987 James McKay, Michael O'Connell, James Scanlon, Clinton Walker
Desert Boot 1989-1992 Gerard Kortegast, Peter Bull, Jon Schofield, Dave Barber, Paul Thirkell
The Flirts 1991-1996 Kit Quarry, Ed Clayton-Jones, Donald Baldi, Tim Quarry
Blush 1993-1995 Rosie Westbrook, Clare Moore, Penny Ikinger
Astrid Munday and The Defects 1996-1998
Astrid Munday and Dystopia 1998-1999
Astrid Munday Band 1999-2000
'YLEM vs Astrid' 2001 Jon Hibbitt, Chris Rouse
Astrid Munday and The Midas Touch 2006-

Members (Astrid Munday and The Defects)

Cleaver Tim (b) 1996-1998
Goble Shamus (d) 1996-1998 Plums, The Kicksilvers, Penny Ikinger Band, Monique Brumby and The Riders
Moffat Stephen (g) 1996-1998 Plums
Munday Astrid (v,g) 1996-1998

Members (Astrid Munday and Dystopia)

Bustos Rod (b) 1998
Kelly Sean (g) 1998
Munday Astrid (v,g) 1998-1999
Westbrook Rosie (dbl b) 1998-1999 Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos, Penny Ikinger Band
Whittingham Darin (g) 1998-1999
Williamson Craig (d) 1998-1999

Members (Astrid Munday Band)

Kitney Ian (d) 1999-2000
Munday Astrid (v,g) 1999-2000
Paull James (g) 1999-2000
Pickvance Adele (b,bv) 1999-2000 Prodigal Leap, Torn Sweaters, Natives of Bedlam, Far Out Corporation, The Dave Graney Show, The Go-Betweens
Westbrook Rosie (b,dbl b) 1999 Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos, Penny Ikinger Band
Williamson Craig (d) 1999

Members (Astrid Munday and The Midas Touch)

Kitney Ian (d) 2006-
Munday Astrid (g,v) 2006-
Paull James (g) 2006-
Westbrook Rosie (b) 2006- Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos, Penny Ikinger Band

Sources of information: Astrid Munday, Tony Cohen, Astrid Munday Homepage, Laughing Outlaw Records
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