Neil Murray



Calm And Crystal Clear          1989   10   Produced by Mark Moffatt

CD          AUS   Festival D38984

LP          AUS   Infinity

MC          AUS

These Hands                     1993   11   Produced by Jim Moginie, Mark Moffatt and Angelique Cooper

CD          AUS   Aurora/White D30977

MC          AUS   Aurora/White C30977

Dust                            1996   13   Produced by Neil Murray and Jim Moginie

CD          AUS   ABC 489312

MC          AUS

The Wondering Kind              2000   13   Produced by Neil Murray

CD          AUS   ABC 7243 5247862 0

Going The Distance              2003   11   Produced by Neil Murray and Jim Moginie

CD          AUS

About Time: A Song Collection   2005

Double-CD   AUS

Overnighter                     2007   12

CD          AUS


Warumpi Band 1980-1988,1996-2000
Neil Murray and The Rainmakers 1989,1993

Members (The Rainmakers)

Anu Christine (bv) 1993
Cruikshank James (k,g) 1989 The Widdershins, The Blackeyed Susans, The Cruel Sea, The Cruel Three
Heckenberg Bill (d) 1989-1991
Hodgson Alex (b) 1989 ---
Jacobi Bill (b,bv) 1990-1991 Warumpi Band, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, Method
Jones Chris JJ (d) 1989
Murray Neil (v,g) 1989-
Nelson Russell (g,k,bv) 1990-1991 Matt Finish

Sources of information: Oilbase V4.0, Jeff Scott, Sing Your Destiny, Chris JJ Jones
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