The Mutton Birds

New Zealand 1991-1995
London 1995-present



Mutton Birds            1992   10   Produced by Nick Morgan and The Mutton Birds

CD          AUS   Virgin (issued 1994, different runningorder, new version "Giant Friend")
            NZL   Bag Records/Virgin 4353002

MC          NZL   Bag Records/Virgin 4353004

Salty                   1995   14   Produced by The Mutton Birds

CD          AUS   Virgin
            HOL   Virgin 72438 39488 26
            NZL   Virgin 8394882

MC          NZL   Virgin 8394884

Nature                  1995   12   Produced by The Mutton Birds, Nick Morgan and Neil Finn

CD          AUS   Virgin (issued 1996)
            HOL   Virgin CDVIR39 72438 40706 25

Box of Birds            1995   24

Double-CD   AUS   Virgin
            NZL   Virgin 4710572

Double-MC   NZL   Virgin 4710574

Envy Of Angels          1996   13   Produced by Hugh Jones

CD          HOL   Virgin CDVIR55 72438 42622 28 (issued 1997, 12 tracks; missing "Don't Fear The Reaper")
            NZL   Virgin 8425842 (first 8000 came with 7 track bonus acoustic disc)

MC          NZL   Virgin 8425844

Don't Fear The Reaper   1997    3   Produced by The Mutton Birds

CD-Single   AUS   Virgin 8740962-0

Angle Of Entry          1997   14

CD          UK    Gravy Train Records CD1 (limited edition, mail-order only)
            UK    (re-issue 1998)

Too Hard Basket         1998   15

CD          UK    Gravy Train Records

Rain, Steam and Speed   1999   11   Produced by The Mutton Birds

CD          AUS   shhhh! 8473332
            NZL   Virgin
            UK    SHCDA 001

Live in Manchester      2000

CD          UK

Another Box of Birds    200?   24

Double-CD   NZL   Virgin ("Envy of Angels" and "Rain, Steam and Speed")

Flock: The Best Of      2002   18

CD          NZL


Bannister Matthew (g) 1999 The Dribbling Darts of Love (NZ), The Sneaky Feelings (NZ)
Burge Ross (d,autoharp) 1991-present The Dribbling Darts of Love (NZ), The Sneaky Feelings (NZ)
Fisher Tony (b,g,bv) 1998-present
Gregg Alan (b,v,k) 1992-1998
Long David (g,bv,k) 1991-1997 The Six Volts (NZ)
McGlashan Don (v,g,euphonium) 1991-present The Whizz Kids (NZ), Blam Blam Blam (NZ), The Front Lawn (NZ)
Sheehan Chris (g) 1997-present Dance Exponents (NZ), The Starlings (NZ), Chris Starling (solo), Sisters Of Mercy (UK)

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, New Zealand Music Collection, The Mutton Birds - 0fficial Home Page, Barbara Gellert
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