The Necks

Sydney 1987-present



Sex                                1989    1   Produced by The Necks

CD         AUS   Spiral Scratch 0002
           AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock (re-issue)
           USA   Private Music (issued 1996)

Next                               1990    6

CD         AUS   Spiral Scratch
           AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock (re-issue)

Aquatic                            1994

CD         AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock
           USA   Carpet Bomb (issued 1999)

Silent Night                       1996

CD         AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock

The Boys (Soundtrack)              1998

CD         AUS   Wild Sound/MDS

Piano Bass Drums                   1998

CD         AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock

Hanging Gardens                    1999

CD         AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock

Aether                             2001

CD         AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock

Athenaeum, Homebush, Quay & Raab   2002

4-CD-BOX   AUS   Fish of Milk/Shock

Drive By                           2004

CD         AUS

Contribution to album

Triple J - Studio 22   2002


Abrahams Chris (p) 1987-present
Buck Tony (d,perc) 1987-present Ayers Rock, Great White Noise, Women and Children First, Tango Bravo, Pardon Me Boys, Wizards of Oz, Paris Punk, Tony Buck and L'Beato, Stephen Cummings Band, Stephen Cummings and Lovetown, PERIL
Swanton Lloyd (b) 1987-present Benders, Dynamic Hepnotics, Wizards of Oz, Stephen Cummings and Lovetown, The Catholics, Bass, Vince Jones Band

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