The Neptunes

Perth 1987-



Hydrophobia           1989

Mini-LP   AUS   Citadel CITLP 521

Godfish               1989

Mini-LP   AUS   Citadel CITLP 524


CD        AUS   Citadel CITCD 524

Scratch And Surf

CD        AUS

Contribution to album

Triple J - Across The Nullarbor   1990


Findlay Rob (b) Diddywah Hoodaddys, The Hooley Dooleys, The Rosebuds, Acid County, The Bikini's
Hitchcock Greg (g) 1987-1989
Mason Rick (g) 1987 The Edsels, The Bright Eyed Drops, Mink, Diddywah Hoodaddys, The Rosebuds, Acid County, Silo, The Bikini's
McClelland Andrew (d) 1987-1988 ---
Michael Peter (b) 1987 Chad's Tree, Clarinet Magic
Moon Martin (d) 1989- Image, Sans P.S., Springs Into Action, Intensive Care, Room To Swing A Cat, The Marigolds, The Summer Suns, The Chevelles, Mardi Picasso, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mink, Sasquatch, DM3, The Tune Bureau, Dom Mariani's Orange, Feends, King Wasabi
Parry Jamie (v) 1987- Marigolds, Mink
Shaw David (d) 1989- Reaguns, Grave Robbers, Skinny Jims, The Stems, Stonefish, The Shivers, Sea Stories, The Beekeepers, The Hooley Dooleys, The Catalinas, The Boom Babies, The Chevelles, Rollercoaster

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Rick Mason
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