The New Christs

Sydney 1981,1983-1984,1987-1990,1992-2001



Waiting World/Face a New God   1981    2   Produced by Bruce Callaway

Single          AUS   Green LRS-076
                AUS   Pink Flamingo PFS001 (re-issue 1990)

Like A Curse                   1984    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single          AUS   Big Time BTS-1218
                FRA   Sonics SON05 (different sleeve)

Born Out Of Time               1986    2

Single          AUS   Citadel CIT017
                FRA   Sonics SON10 (different sleeve)

Detritus                       1987    4

EP              UK    What Goes On WHAT GOES 9T ("Like A Curse" and "Born Out Of Time")
                USA   What Goes On WHAT GOES 9T ("Like A Curse" and "Born Out Of Time")

The Black Hole                 1987    2

Single          AUS   Citadel CIT031

Dropping Like Flies            1987    4

Double-Single   AUS   Citadel CITEP905

Headin' South                  1988    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single          AUS   Citadel CIT039

Divine Rites                   1988    6

CD              AUS   Citadel CITCD539 (issued 2001)
                GER   Normal CGAS813CD (12 tracks, contains all 5 Citadel singles)

Mini-CD         AUS   Megadisc MD 17910 (no of tracks?)

Mini-LP         AUS   Citadel CITLP514 ("Black Hole" and "Dropping Like Flies")
                FRA   Closer CIF02 / RE303 ("Black Hole" and "Dropping Like Flies")

Distemper                      1989   10   Produced by Rob Younger

CD              AUS   Blue Mosque D30141 (2 bonus tracks?)
                AUS   Citadel citcd538 (issued 2001, 1 bonus track)
                FRA   Closer CIF004
                GER   Normal CGAS807CD (2 bonus tracks)

LP              AUS   Citadel CITLP523
                AUS   Blue Mosque L30141 (re-issue 1989)
                FRA   Closer CIF004
                GER   Normal CGAS807

Pedestal                       1994    4

CD-EP           AUS   Citadel CITCD910
                FRA   H2P 76003 (different sleeve)

EP              CAN   Lance Rock LRR#12 (10", different sleeve, issued 1996)

Woe Betide                     1996    7   Produced by Rob Younger

Mini-CD         AUS   Citadel CITCD603

Mini-LP         CAN   Lance Rock (10")

Born Out Of Time               1996   12

CD              AUS   Citadel
                CAN   Lance Rock LRR020

Lower Yourself                 1997   12   Produced by Rob Younger

CD              AUS   Citadel CITCD535 (first pressing came with 4 track bonus EP)
                AUS   Citadel CITCD535 (re-issue 2002)

Groovy Times/On Top Of Me      2001    2

Single          SPA   Munster Records (limited edition of 1000)

We Got This!                   2002   15   Produced by Wayne Connolly

CD              AUS   Laughing Outlaw LORCD044

Double-LP       AUS   Laughing Outlaw LOR044 (limited edition)

These Rags                     2002   11

CD              AUS   Citadel CITCD553 ("Pedestal" and "Woe Betide" remixed)


Bramley Clyde (b) 1981 Streetlife, The Hitmen, The Other Side, New Race, Angie Pepper Band, Super K, Hoodoo Gurus, Naked Lunch, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Madisons
Burdett Louis (d) 1987-1988 Powerhouse, Raries, Paris Green, Ed Kuepper Band, Wrong Kind of Stoneage, A.T.Well Quartet, Penguins On Safari, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions, Satelite Riders, The Whitlams
Callaway Bruce (g) 1981
Creed Alan (g) 1996,1999,2001 Government Downfall, Execution Mask, Abberation, Heresy, Inchmen, Black and Blue, Dr. Fruitworld, Panadolls, HEY! CHARGER
Dickson Jim (b) 1987-1990 Railroad Gin, The Survivors, The Sleepers, The Shakers, The Passengers, Barracudas (UK), Life Ahead Corporation (UK), Civilization Machine (UK), Settlement, Deniz Tek Band, The Deniz Tek Group
Doyle Ken (d) 1981 Last Words, Super K
Fisher Nick (d) 1988-1990 Lighthouse Keepers, Wet Taxis, Paris Green, Ed Kuepper Band, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions, Bughouse
Gibson Bill (g) 1992-1995 Aquatic Doenuts, The Flies, Hell Yes, Eastern Dark, Red Giant, The Smelly Tongues, The Crunge, Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars, Roddy Radalj Band, The Shout Brothers, Hellmenn, Orange Humble
Harper Tony (g) 1992-1996 The Viscounts, 3B2, Voodoo Lust, Snake Chalmers, The Upsets
Hitchcock Greg (g) 1992
Hoey John (k) 1981 Thought Criminals, X Men, Died Pretty
Houllemare Christian (b,g,k) 1992-2001 Bad Brains, The Someloves, Happy Hate Me Nots
Jakimyszyn Richard (g) 1983-1984 Lime Spiders, The Hitmen, Johnny Kannis Band, The Warm Jets
Kelly Peter (d,trump) 1992-1998 Tactics, Flies, Vanilla Chainsaws, No Man's Land, The Shout Brothers, The Godbotherers, The Snow Leopards
Kingsmill Mark (d) 1983-1984 The Hellcats, The Other Side, The Hitmen, Super K, The Screaming Tribesmen, Hoodoo Gurus, Good Vibrations (session), The Moops, Persian Rugs
Masuak Chris (g) 1983-1984
McGlone Don (d) 1981 Rejex, Suicide Squad, Bedhogs, Rocks
Nicholson Mark (d) 1992 Happy Hate Me Nots, Toys Went Berserk
Owen Charlie (g,p) 1987-1990
Plunder Steve (g) 1992 No Concept, The Gadflys, The Plunderers, The Shout Brothers, Jeckyl and Hyde, The Gruesome Twosome, The Whitlams. died 1996
Rieth Nik (d) 1998-2000,2001 The Celibate Rifles, Deniz Tek Band, The Deniz Tek Group, Tumbleweed, Brother Brick
Robertson Tony (b) 1983-1984 The 31st, The Hitmen, The Screaming Tribesmen, Johnny Kannis Band, Naked Lunch, Johnny Kannis Explosion, Da Brudders, The Punjabbers, Flying Tigers
Steedman Kent (g) 1983 The Celibate Rifles, Aints, Deniz Tek Band, The Deniz Tek Group
Wilkinson Mark (g,p) 1995-1999,2001 Strange Glory, The Girlies, Raggedy Man, Lime Spiders
Wilson Stuart (d,k) 2000-2001
Younger Rob (v,g) 1981,1983-1984,1987-1990,1992-2001

Sources of information: Radio Birdman Discography by Henry Weld - Version 10.4 7/12/1997, Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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