New Race

Sydney 1981



The First And The Last   1982   10   Produced by Charles Fisher, Rob Younger and Alan Thorne

CD   AUS   East West 229255960-2 (issued 1992)
     GER   Line LICD-9.00104 (issued 19??)
     ???   Alive/Total Energy NER3013 (re-issue 1997, 2 bonus tracks, different sleeve, first pressing has the RB studio version of Maelstrom instead of the live NR version)

LP   AUS   WEA 600120
     AUS   Big Time BTB907 (issued?)
     AUS   East West 255960.1 (re-issue 1989)
     GER   Line LILP-4.00104 (issued 1983)
     POR   Statik
     UK    Statik STATLP16

The First To Pay         1990   10

CD   FRA   Revenge MIG9 (2 bonus tracks)

LP   FRA   Revenge MIG9/WM326

The Second Wave          1991   10

CD   FRA   Revenge MIG29

LP   FRA   Revenge MIG29/WM118


Asheton Ron (g) 1981 The Stooges (USA), Iggy Pop Band (USA)
Gilbert Warwick (b) 1981 Radio Birdman, The Hitmen, The Rats, Lime Spiders, Flathead, Raouls
Tek Deniz (g,bv) 1981
Thompson Dennis (d,bv) 1981 MC5 (USA)
Younger Rob (v) 1981

Masuak Chris (g) 1981
Bramley Clyde (b,bv) 1981 Streetlife, The Hitmen, The Other Side, The New Christs, Angie Pepper Band, Super K, Hoodoo Gurus, Naked Lunch, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Madisons

Sources of information: Didier Georgieff, Radio Birdman Discography by Henry Weld - Version 10.4 7/12/1997, Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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