Noel's Cowards




Fingers Crossed   1988    2   Produced by Philip Judd and Michael Den Elzen

Single   AUS   EMI 2101

Contribution to album

Rikky and Pete (Soundtrack)        1988
Other Enz - Split Enz and Beyond   1999


Bull Vika (v) 1988
Crombie Noel (d) 1988
Den Elzen Michael (g) 1988
Edwards Lisa (v) 1988
Griggs Nigel (b) 1988 Steve Hillage's Khan (UK), Octopus (UK), Split Enz, Schnell Fenster
Harris Michael (viol) 1988 The Bushwackers, Bush Turkey, Broderick Smith Band, The Whirling Furphies
Judd Phil (g) 1988
Matthews Wendy (v) 1988
McManus Louis (mand) 1988 The Bushwackers, Matchbox, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, The Matchbox Band, Redgum, No Fixed Address, John Schumann Band, Purple Dentists, Broderick Smith Band, Qwooka, Noel Watson Band

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
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