No Fixed Address

Adelaide/Sydney 1979-1985,1987



From My Eyes                          1982   ??   Produced by David Briggs

Mini-LP   AUS   Rough Diamond/Astor/PolyGram

shared with Us Mob:
Wrong Side Of The Road (Soundtrack)   1981

LP        AUS   Black Australia/EMI


Geia Joe (v,perc,didg) 1982-1983
Graham Les (g) 1979-1983 Aroona
Harrison Ricky (g) 1979-198?
Hayes Joe (b) 1982
Inda Billy (perc,didg) 1982 Goanna
Jones Chris (g) 1982-1985
Lovegrove Les (g) 1987
Lovegrove Rick (g) 1987
McManus Louis (g) 1984-1985 The Bushwackers, Matchbox, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, The Matchbox Band, Redgum, John Schumann Band, Noel's Cowards, Purple Dentists, Broderick Smith Band, Qwooka, Noel Watson Band
Miller John John (b) 1979-198?,1987
Moffott Nicky (b) 1983-1985
Rankine Veronica (v,sax,fl) 1979-198?
Willoughby Bart (d,v,didg) 1979-1985,1987

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