Paul McNaughton aka Paul Norton



Larapinta              1987    2

Single   AUS   Enrec

Stuck On You           1989    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom

I Got You              1989    2   Produced by Mark Moffatt

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Under A Southern Sky   1990   ??   Produced by Paul Muggleton

CD       AUS   Mushroom

Let It Fly             1992

CD       AUS   Mushroom

Contribution to album

Mushroom 25 Live   1998

Session musician

Steve Hoy       mlp   Possession               1987
Neil Murray     lp    Calm And Crystal Clear   1989
The Slow Club   cd    World of Wonders         1990


City 198? Mark Edwards, Mark Greig, Trevor Reading
The Runners 1980-1984
Wendy and The Rockets 1985
Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys 1985-1988
The Glee Club 1989 Mark Greig, Grant Hamston, Joe Imbrol, Wendy Stapleton
Paul Norton Band 1990
Hillbilly Moon 1994

Members (Paul Norton Band)

Greig Mark (g) 1990
Millikan Tim (b) 1990 Tootieville, Divinyls, Concrete Blonde (USA), Chantoozies, Diamond Dogs, Black 'n' Blonde, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Furious Chariot Drivers, The Trailblazers, Scarecrow, Mick Pealing and The Method
Norton Paul (v,g) 1990
Nottingham Gary (d) 19?? Broderick Smith Band, Hi Tones, Johnny Said So, Black 'n' Blonde, Bad Boy Johnny and The Prophets of Doom
Pellici Derek (d) 1990
Stapleton Wendy (bv) 1990 Wendy and The Rockets

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