Not Drowning, Waving

Melbourne 1983-1993,1996



Moving Around                         1984    3

Single      AUS   Rampant RR007

Another Pond                          1984   14   Produced by Tim Cole

CD          AUS   East West 903173848.2 (2 bonus tracks) (issued 1991)

LP          AUS   Rampant RR010

The Little Desert                     1985   10   Produced by Greg Simmons

CD          AUS   East West 903173857.2 (13 tracks, issued 1990?)

LP          AUS   Rampant RR020

Cold And The Crackle                  1986   12

CD          AUS   East West 903173858.2 (issued 1991)

LP          AUS   Rampant RR040

The Sing Sing                         1987    6

EP          AUS   Rampant RR005?

IDID                                  1987    4   Produced by NDW and Robbie Turner

EP          AUS   Rampant RR050

Claim                                 1988   10

CD          AUS   WEA 903174079.2
            AUS   Mighty Boy MBCD7012
            USA   Reprise 9 26181-2 (issued 1990)

LP          AUS   WEA

Tabaran                               1989   14   Produced by Paul Kosky, Not Drowning Waving, John French and Tim Cole

CD          AUS   WEA 9031732999.2
            AUS   Liberation (remastered re-issue 2005, bonus DVD)

LP          AUS   WEA

Proof (Soundtrack)                    1990   11

CD          AUS   Rogue's Gallery RG001 (digipak)

LP          AUS   Rogue's Gallery

Circus                                1992   13   Produced by Hugh Jones

CD          AUS   White D31029
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32271.2
            USA   Reprise 9 45169-2

MC          AUS   White C31029

Hammers Over The Anvil (Soundtrack)   1993   15   Produced by NDW and Paul Kosky

CD          AUS   Rogue's Gallery RG002 (digipak)

Through The One Last Door - Best Of   200?   30

Double-CD   AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE1173
            AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE1175 (special edition?)

Maps for Sonic Adventures             2006   17

CD          AUS

Contribution to album

Used And Recovered By           1990
Triple J Live At The Wireless   1991


Bradley Russel (d,perc) 1987-1993,1996 Easter, Push Of Love, Ordinary Field, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Sea Stories
Bridie David (p,k,v) 1983-1993,1996
Cole Tim (v) 1984-1993,1996 Easter, Christopher Coe and The Royal Canadians
Flinker Phillip (?) 1984-1987 ---
Geraghty Darren (?) 1984-1987 ---
McKinnon Rowan (b,g) 1984-1993,1996 Easter, James Griffin and The Shadow Gang
Mountfort Helen (cello) 1989-1993,1996
Phillips John (g,samples,sounds) 1983-1993,1996 Usual Suspects, Easter, Battle Happy, Hobgoblin Sextet
Rutten Jaqui (v) 1984-1987 Pilot To Bombadier
Smith Tanya (k) 1984-1987 Bebop Bros
Southall James (perc) 1987-1993,1996 Easter

Sources of information: David Bridie, Not Drowning, Waving Discography by Gordon Clarke and Anil Prasad [Last updated 4 December 1997], Another Pond
© Magnus Holmgren
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