Mick O'Connor


Session musician

Mick Drennan                     12"   New Man                              1979
Various                          dlp   The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Richard Clapton                  lp    The Great Escape                     1982
Redgum                           lp    Frontline                            1984
Australian Crawl                 lp    Between A Rock And A Hard Place      1985
Man Friday                       ep    Man Friday                           1986
Blue Ruin                        lp    Such Sweet Thunder                   1986
The Black Sorrows                lp    Dear Children                        1987
Brent Parlane                    lp    Come On You Guys                     198?
The Black Sorrows                lp    Hold On To Me                        1988
20 Flight Rock                   ep    Ring Of Fire                         1990
Blue Ruin                        cd    I'm Gonna Smile                      1990
Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing   cd    Dust On My Shoes                     2001


Mark Gillespie Band 197? Steven Cooney, Trevor Courtney, Mark Gillespie, Joe Creighton, Pat L'Nane, Gay L'Nane, Dougie McDonald, Broderick Smith, Stewart Watson
Goanna 1977-1979,1982-1983
Broderick Smith's Big Combo 1979-1982
Stephen Foster Band 1981 Mike Anderson, David Davidge, Graham Davidge, Robbie Little
Tinsley Waterhouse Band 1982,1985,1986
The Giants
Franciscus Henry
Spot The Aussie
The Black Sorrows 1986-1987
Broderick Smith Band 1988,1989
The Blues Power Band 1991 Matt Taylor, Phil Manning, Broderick Smith, Peter Coughlan, Robert Dillon
King Bees 1990 Randy Bulpin, Steve Donald, Jimmy Fewings, Peter Laffy
Joe Creighton Band 1992

Sources of information: Broderick Smith Website
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