Olympic Sideburns

Melbourne 1983-1988



Drunkyard             1983

Mini-LP   AUS   Strine

13th Floor            1984    3   Produced by Tony Cohen

Single    AUS   Strine

Olympic Sideburns     1985   10   Produced by The Olympic Sideburns and John Archer

LP        AUS   Major
          FRA   New Rose ROSE 60 (came with free bonus 12")

Dixie Truck Stop!     1987

LP        AUS   White L38755

Shared with The Corpsegrinders:
7x7 Is                1984    2

Single    AUS   Man Made

Here Comes The Rain   1988    3

Single    AUS   White

Shared with Blue Ruin:
Know                  1987    2

Single    AUS   Music Station


Allen Lindy (b) 1983 Whittle Family, Flirts, Agents, Dust On The Bible
Brooker Alan (b) 1988 Clear Cut, The Cruel Poddies, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Little Murders, The Zimmermen
Brophy Philip (d) 1985 Tch Tch Tch, Dave and Phil Duo, Hot Half Hour, Cut Slash Kill, Collossus
Bryant Paul (b) 1983-1988 Corporate Body, Odious Comparison
Byron Jex (v) 1983-1988 Two Dollar Fifty, Kaos, Barry and The Real Time, The Glamstars, Dirt
Frawley Maurice (g) 1983-1986
Hill Ian (k) 1983-1984 The Fizztops, Crackajacks, Bo Weevils, Sunset Strip
Holmes Michael (g) 1987 The Negatives, Eric Gradman's Man and Machine, The Romantics, Squeaky Girls, Paul Kelly and The Dots, The Zimmermen, Fatal Attraction, Dirt, Songs Of Exiles
Jones Spencer P. (g) 1983
Meo Charles (d) 1983-1984 Ears, Dresden War Crimes, Dorian Gray
McAlpine Calum (d) 1985- Chosen Few, Bohdan and The Instigators, Dirt, Clip Clop Club
McEwan Tom (d) 1983 No Nonsense, Famous Flames
Molletta Maurice (d) 1984-1985 Ku Klux Frankenstein
Spencer George (g) 1983- Kaos, The Beasts of Bourbon, Intoxia
Williams Jimmy (org) 1983 Ramm, Hot Cottage, Japanese Comix, A Howling Life

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