Mark 0pitz



The Angels               lp    Face To Face                    1978
The Angels               ep    After The Rain - The Tour EP    1978
The Angels               lp    No Exit                         1979
The Angels               mlp   Out Of The Blue                 1979
Loaded Dice              lp    No Sweat                        1979
The Reels                lp    The Reels                       1979
The Angels               lp    Face To Face                    1980
Swanee                   lp    Into The Night                  1980
Cold Chisel              lp    East                            1980
Cold Chisel              lp    Swingshift                      1981
The Hitmen               lp    The Hitmen                      1981
Divinyls                 mlp   Monkey Grip (Soundtrack)        1981
Swanee                   lp    This Time It's Different        1982
INXS                     lp    Shabooh Shoobah                 1982
Richard Clapton          lp    The Great Escape                1982
Cold Chisel              lp    Circus Animals                  1982
Divinyls                 lp    Desperate                       1983
Eurogliders              lp    This Island                     1984
Richard Clapton          lp    Solidarity                      1984
Mental As Anything       s     Apocalypso                      1984
Australian Crawl         lp    Semantics                       1984
Jimmy Barnes             lp    Bodyswerve                      1984
Cold Chisel              lp    The Barking Spiders Live 1983   1984
Deckchairs Overboard     s     Walking In The Dark             1984
Flame Fortune            12"   Flame Fortune                   1985
Models                   lp    Out Of Mind Out Of Sight        1985
Divinyls                 lp    What A Life!                    1985
Venetians                lp    Step Off The Ledge              1985
Deckchairs Overboard     lp    Deckchairs Overboard            1985
Jimmy Barnes             lp    For The Working Class Man       1985
Jimmy Barnes             lp    Jimmy Barnes                    1986
INXS and Jimmy Barnes    s     Good Times                      1986
The Spaniards            mlp   Locked In a Dance               1986
The Reels                s     Bad Moon Rising                 1986
Jump Incorporated        12"                                   1986
Models                   lp    Models' Media                   1986
Hoodoo Gurus             lp    Blow Your Cool                  1987
Noiseworks               lp    Noiseworks                      1987
Jimmy Barnes             lp    Freight Train Heart             1987
Venetians                lp    Amazing World                   1988
Scary Bill               s     Crossroads                      1988
Nightshade               s                                     1988
Cats 'n Boots            lp                                    1988
Mental As Anything       lp    Cyclone Raymond                 1989
Scary Bill               lp    Scary Bill                      1989
Steelheart               cd    Steelheart                      1990
Roxus                    cd    Night Street                    1991
INXS                     cd    Live Baby Live                  1991
1927                     cd    1927                            1992
INXS                     cd    Welcome To Wherever You Are     1992
INXS                     cd    Full Moon, Dirty Hearts         1993
Hunters and Collectors   cd    Juggernaut                      1998
Paul Kelly               cd    Words and Music                 1998
Deadstar                 cd    Somewhere Over The Radio        1999
Jimmy Barnes             cd    Love And Fear                   1999

Session musician

Australian Guitar   lp   1979

Sources of information: Julian Shaw
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