Charlie Owen



Vertigo and Other Phobias   1994   10   Produced by Spencer P. Jones

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor REDCD46 / 523 403-2

with Louis Tillett:
The Ugly Truth              1994   11   Produced by Charlie Owen

CD          AUS   Normal/Return To Sender RTS5 (Limited Edition of 2.000 copies)

Midnight Rain               1995   10   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Normal/Return To Sender RTS18 (Limited Edition of 2.000 copies)

Double-CD   AUS   Red Eye/Polygram REDCD52/529 339-2 ("Midnight Rain" + 5 tracks from "The Ugly Truth", different sleeve)

Contribution to album

with Louis Tillett:
Storming The Citadel   1998


The Plunderers                   mlp    Trust Us               1988
Louis Tillett                    cd     A Cast Of Aspersions   1990
Louis Tillett and Charlie Owen   cd     The Ugly Truth         1994
Tex Perkins                      cd     Dark Horses            2000
Penny Ikinger                    cdep   Songs From The Deep    2001

Session musician

Meera Atkinson                   lp    This Is The Planet                  1987
Louis Tillett                    lp    Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell   1987
Penguins on Safari               mlp   Normal Soon                         1989
Tony Buck                        mlp   The Shape of Things To Come         1989
Louis Tillett                    cd    A Cast Of Aspersions                1990
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists   cd    Sin Factory                         1993
Acuff's Rose                     cd    Never Comin' Down                   1993
Robert Forster                   cd    I Had A New York Girlfriend         1994
Spencer P. Jones                 cd    Rumour Of Death                     1994
The Cruel Sea                    cd    Three Legged Dog                    1995
Tex Perkins                      cd    Far Be It From Me                   1996
Louis Tillett                    cd    Cry Against The Faith               1998
Billy Miller                     cd    Victoria                            1998
Steve Prestwich                  cd    Since You've Been Gone              2000
Astrid Munday                    cd    Apparition                          2000
Tex Perkins                      cd    Dark Horses                         2000
Conway Savage                    cd    Nothing Broken                      2000
The Cruel Sea                    cd    Where There's Smoke                 2001
Penny Ikinger                    cd    Electra                             2003
Don Walker                       cd    Cutting Back                        2006


Ninja Skill 1982-1984 Charlie Aber, John Cashey, Rick Cashey, Stephen Marskett, Larry Ponting
Charlie Owen Quintet
Tango Bravo 1985-1987 Tracy Bartelle, Tony Buck, Dave Dwyer, Steve Harris, Mauro Rubby, John Sharp
The New Christs 1987-1990
Paris Green 1987 Louis Tillett, Melanie Oxley and others
Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions 1990
Catfish 1989-1991
Divinyls 1991
Tex, Don and Charlie 1993-1994
Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos 1993-
Tendrils 1995-
The Beasts of Bourbon 1996-1997
Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses 199?-
The Beasts of Bourbon 2003

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