Melanie Oxley



with Chris Abrahams:
Resisting Calm      1990

EP   AUS   Spiral Scratch

Welcome To Violet   1992

CD   AUS   Remote/MDS

Coal                1994

CD   AUS   Remote/MDS

Jerusalem Bay       1998


Contribution to album

with Chris Abrahams:
Triple J Live At The Wireless   1991
Where Joy Kills Sorrow          1997

Session musician

The Triffids         mlp   Raining Pleasure           1984
Ed Kuepper           lp    Rooms Of The Magnificent   1986
The Spliffs          lp    House of Seven             1988
Penguins on Safari   mlp   Normal Soon                1989
Leadleg              s     Loaded in Total Darkness   1991
The Hunting Party    mcd   The Hunting Party          1996


Paris Green 1984 Louis Tillett, Charlie Owen and others
The Crestriders 198?
Sweet Nothing 1985
Johnny Kannis Band 1985
The Sparklers 1985-1989
Scribble 1986
Butcher's Picnic 1988 Phil Grove, Tim Freedman, Robyn St. Clare, Mark Temple

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