Melbourne 1998-2002



Life In General...   1999    4   Produced by Wayne Connolly and P76

CD-EP   AUS   Hub Records (500 copies)

Sunliner             2001    5

CD-EP   AUS   Zip Records

Into The Sun         2001   12   Produced by Dom Mariani

CD      AUS   Zip Records

Sleeping In          2002    5   Produced by Dom Mariani and Danny McDonald

CD-EP   AUS   Zip Records

Contribution to album

Pop Under The Surface #4   2001
Off The Hip #2             2001
The Great Stems Hoax       2002
Wizzard Brew Vol. 1        2002


McDonald Danny (v,g) 1998-2002

Barnes Geoff (d) Jericho
Downie Bill (b) Jericho
Mickster (d) Finkers, Crusaders, Pyramidiacs, The Stoneage Hearts
Strachan Andy (d) Pollyanna, The Living End
Thomas Leigh (g,bv) Jericho

Sources of information: Danny McDonald Online
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