Painters and Dockers

Melbourne 1982-present



Love Planet                1984   10   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD        AUS   MDS/Dock DOCK-CD4000 (issued 1993, partly re-recorded?)

LP        AUS   Big Time BT7046
          USA   Big Time BTA004

MC        AUS   Big Time

Kill Kill Kill             1985    4

EP        AUS   Big Time BTB910

Bucket                     1986    9

CD        AUS   MDS/Dock DOCK-CD7000 (issued 1996, including "Kill Kill Kill")

LP        AUS   Doc Records DOC-R002

Kiss My Art                1988   11   Produced by Lobby Loyde and Franswah

CD        AUS   Doc Records/White CD38883
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32274.2

LP        AUS   Doc Records/White L38883
          AUS   Doc Records/White L38883 (pink vinyl, limited edition)

Touch One Touch All        1989    8   Produced by Peter Blyton

CD        AUS   Musicland MUS-CD-2011

LP        AUS   Musicland MUS-LP2011

Hickory Dickory Dock       1991    6   Produced by Alan Thorne

Mini-CD   AUS   MDS/Dock DOCK-CD2000

Mini-MC   AUS   MDS/Dock DOCK-CD2000

Nervous Nineties           1992

CD        AUS   MDS/Dock DOCK-CD3000

The Things That Matter     1994   12

CD        AUS   MDS/Dock DOCK-CD6000

Advance Australia Where?   1998    7

Mini-CD   AUS   MDS/Dock DOC10000

Contribution to album

Asleep At The Wheel                     1984
Alive At Melbourne Uni                  1987
Rockin' Bethlehem (The Second Coming)   1990
The Velvet Down Underground             1992
Lotís The CD #1                         1994
Earth Music                             1995
Mushroom 25 Live                        1998


Badger Colin (g,bv) 1993-present In Vogue, The Playground, Cactus Productions
Buckler Colin (d) 1984-present The Smart/Fifth Column, Crushed Buzzards
Calvert Paul (b) 1998-present ---
Garth Darren (g,bv) 1989-1993 The Novelists, The Boat People, Pleasurehead
Juric Vladimir (g,bv) 1982-1989 ---
Marron Andy (d) 1982-1984 ---
Morris Mick (sax) 1984-1989 ---
Nelson Phil (b) 1982-1998 ---
O'Connor Chris (g,bv) 1982-1998 ---
Pace Dave (trump,bv) 1984-present The Novelists, Run Riot, Picture This
Parkinson Sonja (trom,bv) 1998-present ---
Pineapple Jenny (sax,bv) 1998-present ---
Stewart Paul (v,trump) 1982-present Dili Allstars

Sources of information: Richard Miles Painters & Dockers Discography
© Magnus Holmgren
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