The Party Boys

? 1982-1990,1992,1998-1999



Live At Several 21st's                        1983   10

LP          AUS   Oz/EMI OZS.1016

Greatest Hits Of Other People                 1983   ??   Produced by Keith Walker

LP          AUS   Oz

No Song Too Sacred                            1984   ??   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

LP          AUS   Oz

You Need Professional Help                    1985

LP          AUS   CBS

Rage                                          1986

LP          AUS   J&B

Party Boys                                    1987   10   Produced by Alan Lancaster and John Brewster

CD          AUT   Epic EPC 460485 2

LP          HOL   Epic EPC 460485 1

MC          HOL   Epic EPC 460485 4

Follow Your Heart                             1989

Single      AUS   CBS

Do Wah Diddy                                  1990    2   Produced by Kevin Shirley

CD-Single   AUS   CBS 656064 2

Single      AUS   CBS

Greatest Hits, Misses, Rarities And B-Sides   1992

CD          AUS   Columbia


Anderson Angry (v) 1986,1998-1999
Angus Hamish (g) 1989 ---
Bidstrup Graham (d) 1982-1984
Borich Kevin (g,v) 1982,1984,1986-1989,1992,1998-1999
Brewster John (g,bv) 1986-1987,1992,1998-1999 Moonshine Jug and String Band, The Keystone Angels, The Angels, The Bombers, The Fallen Angels, Wayne Jury, Andry Anderson Band, Double Trouble
Burdon Eric (v) 1989 The Animals (UK)
Carr Brad (g) 1988,1990 Choirboys
Christie Paul (b,d,bv) 1982-1990,1992,1998-1999 Feet First, Loose Booty, Kevin Borich Express, Mondo Rock, Good Vibrations (session), The Big Daddys
Clapton Richard (g,v) 1982
Contarino Vince (v) 1990 Dukes, Savage Hearts, Mickey Finn, Mega Boys, The Zep Boys
Dass Hanuman (d) 1989 Flying Emus, Gyan, Sinners Saved by Grace
Eastick Mal (g) 1989
Evans Mark (b) 1990 AC/DC, Finch, Contraband, Cheetah, Swanee, Beast, Heaven, Hellcats, The Headhunters, Rolling Clones, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Zoo
Harvey Richard (d) 1984,1986-1988,1998-1999 Feet First, Malcolm McCallum Band, Divinyls, The Hippos, The Big Daddys
Hunter Marc (v) 1984
James Harvey (g,bv) 1982 Clydehouse, Sayla, Wendy Saddington Band, Mississippi, Ariel, Sherbet, The Sherbs, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Swanee, Richard Clapton Band, Sons of Don Lane, Mighty Oz Rock
Lancaster Alan (b,v) 1986-1987,1992
Logan Mal (k) 1989
Matthews Gil (d) 1984 John Konrad's Kaydets, The Silhouettes, The Scorpions, The Impacts, The Clefs, Levis Smith's Clefs, John Rupert Group, Grantley Dee Band, Rain, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Taurus, Chorus, Phil Manning Band, Kevin Borich Express, Morgan and Matthews, The Elks, Southern Electric, Mondo Rock, The Rondells, Richard Clapton Band, Cybotron, The Rondells
McLean Warren (d) 1989 Machinations, Flotsam Jetsam, I'm Talking, Divinyls, James Freud Band, Sean Kelly and Absent Friends, Mama's Darlings
McNally Sam (k,b) 1989 Baiyana, Glenrowan, Kush, Stylus, John Farnham Band, Vita Beats, Across Time, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Groove City Co-Op, Say Yes, Kez, Guy Le Claire Band
Price Barton (d) 1988
Raffael Don (sax) 1982 Rupert B, Johnny Kannis and Night Train, Johnny Kannis Band, Naughty Rhythms, 98 Degrees, 93-D
Reyne James (v) 1982
Richardson Fergus (k,v) 1989 ---
Riley Robin (g) 1984 Mother Goose, Lois Lane, Red House, Hurricane, Dallimore, Kevin Borich Express, Rose Tattoo, The Beast, Reckless Intent, Jimmy Barnes Band, Mega Boys, Rob Riley and The Rubettes, The Gems, Stallion, Mother's Little Helpers, The Best, Mama's Darlins, Sons Of Steel, Angry Anderson Band
Strachan Graeme 'Shirley' (v) 1984 Frame, Skyhooks, Shirley Strachan, died 2001
Swan John (v) 1987,1992,1998-1999
Walsh Joe (g) 1984,1989 Eagles (USA)
Welch Calvin (d) 1989 Eddie Rus Band, Sonny Stint Band, CWC Experience, The Express, Kevin Borich and The Brothers of Oz, The Healers, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, Borich-Hunter Band
West Dorian (b) 1990 Wildland, The Living Daylights, Boom Crash Opera, Scarymother
Williams Steve (g) 1990 Wa Wa Nee, James Freud Band, Kontrol, Mama's Darlings, Skunk, The Choirboys
Zak John (d) 1990 The Pits, Red Then Green, Division 4, F.A.B., The Zep Boys, The Casual T's

Sources of information: Peer Meyer
© Magnus Holmgren
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