Mick Pealing


Contribution to album

The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980

Session musician

Renee Geyer     s       Hot Minutes      1980
Zan             s       Nobbody Else     1990
Jo Jo           track                    1991
Kate Ceberano   cd      Think About It   1991
Graham Goble    cd      Nautilus         1993


Nantucket 1972-1973
Flash 1974-1975
Stars 1975-1979
Mick Pealing and The Ideals 1980-1983
The Spaniards 1983-1987
New Frontier 1987-1988 Russell Hellyer-Brown, Mark Mannock, Chris Ziros, Anthony Ziros
Johnny Favourite Big Band 1988-1989 Suzi Ahern, Keith Elliot, John Grant, Mark Mannock, Andrew Midson, Bruce Sandell, David Newdick
The Bad Pennies 1989 Alex Formosa, Mark Mannock, Vinnie Monea, Andrew Midson
Mal Eastick Band 1990
Zan and Friends 1990
Mick Pealing and The Method 1992
Mighty Oz Rock 2004 Gary Young, Lisa Mio, Roger McLachlan, Harvey James, Angus Burchall, Stewart Wilkinson

Members (Mick Pealing and The Ideals)

Amster David (sax) 198?
Beattyman Derek (g,v) 1981 Mod Cons
Elliot Keith (d) 198?
Cram Barry (d) 1980-1981 Michael Turner in Session, Finch, Avalanche, Ray Burgess Band, Pantha, Russell Morris Band, Contraband, Front Page, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Formosa Alex (d) 1981-
Geappon Robbie (b) 1980- Phil Manning Band, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Joyce Brothers, Mal Eastick Band, Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions, Cletis Carr Band, Fresh, The Giants
Greig Mark (g) 1980-
Hinds David (g) 1980-1981 Marshall Brothers, Rabbit, Finch, Highway
Joyce Pip (g) 1981 Bwana
Laffy Peter (g) 1981 Fox, Freeway, Jim Keays' Southern Cross, Hot Club, Mondo Rock, Nellie Packer Band, Christie Allen Band, Big Kombi, The Ryans, A Ring Of Truth, The Roofcats, King Bees, Joe Creighton Band
Mannock Mark (k) 198?
Martin Greg (d) 198? Paul Kelly Band, Little Murders, The Bushwackers, Goanna
Naumann Graham (d) 198?
Pealing Mick (v) 1980-1983
Peers Ronnie (g) 198?
Suckling Glen (b) 198?
Sullivan Barry (b) 198? Thursday's Children, The Wild Cherries, Kevin Borich Express, Chain, Flite, Pilgrimage, Carson, Mighty Mouse, Sanctuary, Renee Geyer Band, Mondo Rock, Cosy Connection, John Farnham Band, Doc Span Blues Band
Wilson Chris (g,p) 1980-1981 Buster Brown, Jeff Duff, Myriad, The Ride Band, Silver Studs, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Superscope, Broderick Smith Band, Phil Manning Band, A Couple Of Swells, Hi Tones, Where's Broderick?, The Beat Boys, Flat Tops, Priscilla's Nightmare, Russell Morris and The Word, Lewis and Young and Friends, The Giants

Members (Mick Pealing and The Method)

Greig Mark (g) 1992
Millikan Tim (b,bv) 1992 Tootieville, Divinyls, Concrete Blonde (USA), Chantoozies, Diamond Dogs, Paul Norton Band, Black 'n' Blonde, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Furious Chariot Drivers, The Trailblazers, Scarecrow
Pealing Mick (g,v) 1992
Tabone Chris (d) 1992 FX, Major Minor, Stealers, The Badloves, Crown of Thorns, Kutcha Edwards and Band

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