Ronnie Peel/Rockwell T. James



Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces:
Love Power                 1968    2

Single   AUS   Festival

Rockwell T. James
Come on Home               1976    2

Single   AUS   Infinity/Festival

Roxanne                    1976    2

Single   AUS   Infinity/Festival

Shot of Rhythm and Blues   1977   12   Produced by Garth Porter, Richard Lush and Rockwell T. James

LP       AUS   Razzle/Festival
         AUS   Razzle/Festival L 36584 (reissue 1978 added the 2 tracks from "Rollin' On" single)

Rollin' On                 1978    2

Single   AUS   Razzle/Festival

shared with Mario Millo:
Let It Go/Rebecca          1979    2

Single   AUS   Razzle/Festival (from "The Australian Guitar Album")

Session musician

John Paul Young   lp   J.P.Y.       1976
John Paul Young   lp   Green        1977
Ray Arnott        lp   Rude Dudes   1979


The Mystics
The Missing Links 1964-1965 Peter Anson, Dave Boyne, Bob Brady, Danny Cox
The Pleazers (NZ) 1964-1967 Jimmy Cerezo, Bob Cooper, Gus Fenwick, Dennis Gilmore, Shane Hales, Billy London, Peter Newing, Bruce Robinson
Ray Brown and The New Whispers 1967 Steve Hardy, Dave Russell
Impulse 1967 Alex Jackson, Mark Leon, Bob McKibbon
Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces 1967-1968
The Browns 1969-1971 Ray Arnott, Chris McClure, Les Stacpool, Leo DeCastro
Thunderclap Newman (UK) 1970-1971
One Ton Gypsy 1971/1972 Chrissie Amphlett, Wayne Bennett, Ray Brown, Dave Fookes, Danny Gordon, Graham Lowndes, Peter Martin, Alison McCallum, Dallas McDermott, Ray Oliver, Margret Piper, Tim Piper, Laurie Pryor, Ray Rivamonte, Linsday Wells, Paul Wyld
Doug Parkinson Band 197?
La de Das 1972-1974 Keith Barber, Kevin Borich, Harry Brus, Brian Harris, Barry Harvey, Bruce Howard, Phil Key, Bruno Lawrence, Brett Neilson, Peter Roberts, Reno Tehei, Trevor Wilson
Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band 1974-1975
John Paul Young and The All Stars 1975-1979
Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces 1978
Ray Arnott Band tour 1979
Cheetah 1981
All Star Band 1983 Ace Follington, Ian Miller, Chris Turner
Scattered Aces 1983-1984
John Paul Young's Allstars 1986-present
Slightly Shadey 1987 Peter Wells, Chris Turner, Paul DeMarco
Flash And The Pan 1987

Members (Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces)

Dixon Lance (org) 1967-1968 John Hawes Group, James Taylor Move, Ram Jam Big Band, The Castaways, Luke's Walnut, Max Merritt and The Meteors
Felice-Andrews Roger (d) 1967-1968 Marty Rhone and The Soul Agents, Thunderclap Newman (UK)
Follington Ace (d) 1978 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Move, R.J. Taylor, Savage Rose Blues Band, Powderhorn, The Cleves, Country Radio, Richard Clapton Band, Australia, Lindsay Bjerre Band, Reg Ryan's Brothers, Ray Arnott Band, Chris Turner Band, All Star Band, Tin Soldiers, Hippos, Hawaiian Houserockers, Bondi Cigars
Freeman Mike (trump) 1967-1968 ---
Freeman Ron (sax) 1967-1968 ---
Maloney Vince (g) 1978 Vibratones, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Vince and Tony's Two, T Worsley and The Blue Jays, Vince Maloney's Sect, Bee Gees, Ashton,Gardner and Dyke (UK), Fanny Adams, The Cleves, Flite, McAskill, McAskill,Murphy,Maloney and Firth, Levi Smith's Clefs, Hot Rocks, John Paul Young and The All Stars
Peel Ron (b,v,g) 1967-1968,1978
Penson Jim (d) 1978 The Seen, Plastic Tears, Maple Lace, Blackfeather, Flake, Target, Richard Clapton Band, Chariot, Stockade
Roberts Peter (b) 1978 Freshwater, Kahvas Jute, La de Das, Band of Light, Band of Talabene, Flake, Chariot, The Romantics, Audio Smash
Stacpool Les (g) 1967-1968 The Jaywoods, Johnny Chester and The Chestermen, Merv Benton and The Tamlas, The Clefs, Levi Smith's Clefs, The Browns, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Genesis, Aesops Fables, The Klub, Hair (stageshow), Grantley Dee Band, Sasha, Country Radio, The Sound, Dalvanius and The Fascinations, Ram Band, Gulliver's Travels, KGB, Living Legends, Homestead, Indian Pacific, Leslie and The Lovers, Red Alert, Colin Cook Band, Casino, Regatta, Lee Walker Band, The All Stars, Number Gang, Split Level, Light Brigade
Strangio John (b) 1978 The Broken Things, St James Infirmary, Tintern Abbey, Tamile, Middle Earth, The Dingoes, Blackfeather, Chariot, The Deltoids, Swanee
Turner Chris (g) 1978 Consorts (UK), The Action, Drain, Buffalo, Ten Years After, Chris Turner Band, Man O War, F.J. Holden, Turner,Wells and Royal, Jeff St. John tour, Scattered Aces, All Star Band, Slightly Shadey, Chris Turner's Big Rock Band, BB Strutt, Lucy De Soto Band, The Tom Cats

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