Derek Pellici



Alby James   s   ?   1977

Session musician

Malcolm McCallum   lp   Naked To The Sky         1978
Australian Crawl   lp   The Boys Light Up        1980
Daryl Cotton       lp   Best Seat In The House   1980
John Farnham       lp   Uncovered                1980
Brian Cadd         lp   No Stone Unturned        1985
D Fisk             lp   TTK                      1986


Plum 1969
The Ash 1971 Criston Barker, Peter Gregory, Ron Hood, Gary Mason, Gary Porterhouse
Highway 197?
Island 1973 Criston Barker, Leith Corbett, Ian Ferguson, Danny Kramer, Tim Partridge
Mississippi 1973-1974
Little River Band 1975-1984
Yu-En 1986 Joanne Campbell, Russell Coleman, Joe Creighton, Venetta Fields, Ross Hannaford, David Hirschfelder, Chong Lim, Shirley Matthews
John Farnham Band 1986
Goanna 1985
Little River Band 1988-1997
Paul Norton Band 1990
Strange Bedfellows 1992

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