Andrew Pendlebury



Between The Horizon and The Dockyard   1987   11   Produced by Andrew Pendlebury and Mark Woods

LP       AUS   Cleopatra CLP233

Tiger Land                             1988

LP       AUS   Cleopatra

Zing Went The Strings                  1990

LP       AUS   WEA

Don't Hold Back That Feeling           1992

CD       AUS   East West 903176295-2

with Stephen Cummings:
She Set Fire To The House              1987

Single   AUS   Cleopatra

with Doug de Vries:
Karate                                 1993

CD       AUS

Trouble And Desire                     1995

CD       AUS

with Mark Ferrie:
Late Night at the Nicholas Building    2003

CD       AUS

Contribution to album

with Chris Wilson:
The Woodstock Sessions   2000

Session musician

Stephen Cummings            lp      Senso                                    1984
The Dugites                 lp      Cut The Talking                          1984
The Black Sorrows           lp      A Place In The World                     1986
Stephen Cummings            lp      This Wonderful Life                      1986
Stephen Cummings            lp      Lovetown                                 1987
Tess McKenna                mlp     March                                    1988
Stephen Cummings            lp      A New Kind 0f Blue                       1988
Weddings Parties Anything   mlp     The Weddings Play Sports (and Falcons)   1990
Tess McKenna                cd      Make Me Wonder                           1993
Ruby Hunter                 cd      Thoughts Within                          1994
Tess McKenna                track   The Loneliest Day In December            1994
Dave Steel                  cd      Old Salt Blues                           1996
Kerri Simpson               cd      Confessin' The Blues                     1998
Kerri Simpson               cd      Vodou Songs of the Spirits               2001


Escape 197? Peter Crosbie
Myriad 1976 Carrl Myriad, Mark Ferrie, Phil Smith, Chris Wilson
The Sports 1976-1981
The Gentlemen 1980-1981 Ed Bates, Greg Cook, Wayne Duncan, Mick Holden, Freddie Strauks, Dell
The Dugites 1981-1982 Clarence Bailey, Phillip Bailey, Gunther Berghofer, Peter Crosbie, Bob Fallovic, Paul Noonan, Linda Nutter, James Valentine, Paul Williamson
Stephen Cummings Band 1983,1986
The Slaughtermen 1985-
The Gospel According To St Kilda 1985 Terry Doolan, Mark Ferrie, Des Heffner, Ian Stephen
The Patriarchs 1987 Stephen Cummings, John Rees
Stephen Cummings' Lovetown 1988
Frank McCoy Trio 1990
The Revelators 1990
Crown Of Thorns 1996-
The Mercurials 2003-

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