Tex Perkins



Far Be It From Me               1996   12

CD          AUS   Polydor 533 062-2

MC          AUS   Polydor 533 062-4

Dark Horses                     2000   11   Produced by Tony Cohen and Charlie Owen

CD          AUS   Universal/Grudge 1592612
            AUS   Universal (re-issue 2001, with bonus disc "Long Night of The Dark Horses")

Long Night of The Dark Horses   2001    6

CD-EP       AUS   Universal (bonus disc with "Dark Horses" re-issue, also available separately)

Sweet Nothing                   2003   11   Produced by Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses

CD          AUS   Universal 0384962

with Paul Mac:
Heat Seeking Pleasure Machine   2001

CD-Single   AUS   Eleven

with Tim Rogers:
My Better Half                  2006   13

CD          AUS   Universal

Contribution to album

Where Joy Kills Sorrow          1997
To Hal And Bacharach            1998
Triple J - Live and Unleashed   2001
Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)        2002
Cannot Buy My Soul              2007

Session musician

Corpse Grinders                    ep   Corpse Grinders          1984
James Baker Experience             s    I Can't Control Myself   1985
Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes   cd   Night Of The Wolverine   1993
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds        cd   Live Seeds               1993
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds        cd   Let Love In              1994
Spencer P. Jones                   s    What's Got Into Him?     1997
Paul Mac                           cd   3000 Feet High           2001


Corpse of Christ 1982
Tex Deadly and The Dum Dums 1982-1983 Greg Gilbert, Mark Halstead, Peter Jetnikoff, Clem Luckey, Ian Wadley, Greg Wadley, Cyrill
Snot Collection 1983 Lachlan McLeod
The Beasts Of Bourbon 1983-1985
Salamander Jim 1984-1985,1987 Martin Bland, Ewan Cameron, Adrian Hornblower III, Lachlan McLeod, Richard Ploog, Kim Salmon, Stu Spasm
Fur Bible (UK) 1985 Kid Congo Powers
The Poofters 1985 Lachlan McLeod, Steve Court
Legendary Stardust Cowboys 1986 Spencer Jones, Lachlan McLeod, James Baker
Toilet Duck 1986
Vertigo 1986
Bush Oysters 1986 Lachlan McLeod, Peter Read, Ralph Philips, Adrian
Hot Property 1986-1987 Lachlan McLeod
Thug 1986-1989
Bumhead Orchestra
The Violators
The Boilers 1987
The Furry Men Of The North 1988
Now 1988
The Beasts of Bourbon 1988-1993
The Butcher Shop 1988-1990
The Cruel Sea 1988-present
Mince Meat 1989 Spencer Jones
The Cruel Three 1992 James Cruikshank, Danny Rumour
Tex, Don and Charlie 1993-1994
The Beasts of Bourbon 1996-1997
Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses 199?- Charlie Owen, Joel Silbersher, Murray Paterson, Scritch
The Beasts of Bourbon 2003

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