The Plunderers

Canberra 1984-1985
Melbourne 1985-1986
Sydney 1986-1992



Strange Affection               1985    2

Single      AUS   Rattlesnake

No Era Is Safe                  1986    8

MC          AUS   Rattlesnake

Half A Cow                      1986   20

MC          AUS   Rattlesnake

I Don't Mind                    1988    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single      AUS   Green Fez FEZ006

Trust Us                        1988    5   Produced by Charlie Owen

Mini-LP     AUS   Green Fez FEZ801

I Didn't Even See Them At All   1989    3

Single      AUS   Citadel CIT047

Sarah's Not Falling In Love     1990    5   Produced by Rob Younger and Ted Mulry

EP          AUS   Citadel CITEP201 (10")

Christo                         1990    2

Single      AUS   Citadel CIT049

Home Movie                      1991    4   Produced by Rob Younger

EP          AUS   Citadel CITEP202 (10")

Live! 13/7/91                   1992    8

EP          AUS   Club/Shock (10")

Banana Smoothie, Honey          1992   14

CD          AUS   Citadel CITCD527
            AUS   Half A Cow HAC93 (re-issue 2000, 5 extra tracks)

as Hippy Dribble:
Wild Strawberri                 1990    4

EP          AUS   Trip

Cheerleader                     1993    4

CD-EP       AUS   Half A Cow

as Captain Denim:
Fade                            1992    4

EP          AUS   Vest

Hippy Dribble/Captain Denim:
Silver Apples/Fade              1994   17

CD          AUS   Half A Cow

Contribution to album

2XX Beyond The Wireless          1985
Hard To Beat - Stooges Tribute   1988
Rockin' Bethlehem                1989
Hard To Believe - Kiss Tribute   1990
Plimsouls Tribute                1991


Dalton Nic (b,v) 1984-1992
Dunbar Lyndsey (d) 1984 ---
Lewis Andy (k,g,bv) 1985-1986 The Gadflys, The Whitlams, Olive Branch
Milne Geoff (d) 1988-1992 The Sigh Of Relief, Eastern Dark, The New Avengers, The Grunge, Red Planet Rocketts
Plunder Steve (g,v) 1984-1992 No Concept, The Gadflys, The Shout Brothers, Jeckyl and Hyde, The Gruesome Twosome, The New Christs, The Whitlams. died 1996
Velzen Pete (d,v) 1985-1988 The Gadflys, Falling Joys, The Shout Brothers

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