Simon Polinski



Paul Kelly                           cd     Deeper Water                  1995
Kerri Simpson and Veve               cd     Speak                         1996
Paul Kelly                           cdep   How To Make Gravy             1996
The Church                           cd     Magician Among The Spirits    1996
Various                              cd     Native Tongue - Loudspeaker   1996
Floyd Vincent and The Child Brides   cd     Last Exit Motel               1997
Paul Kelly                           cd     Words and Music               1998
Kutcha Edwards                       cd     Cooinda                       2002
Monique Brumby                       cd     Signal Hill                   2002

Session musician

David Bridie     cd   Act of Free Choice           2000
Kerri Simpson    cd   Vodou Songs of the Spirits   2001
Kutcha Edwards   cd   Cooinda                      2002


Bear Garden
The Index 1987- Donald Baldie, Martin Lubran, Carl Manuel, Bill McDonald, John Murphy, Sam Sejavka, Gus Till
Ornament 2003-

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