Brisbane 1989-present



Powderfinger                           1992    7

CD-EP       AUS   FINGER (limited edition of 800)

Transfusion                            199?    5

CD-EP       AUS

Parables For Wooden Ears               1994   13   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Polydor 522 570-2

MC          AUS   Polydor 522 570-4

Mr. Kneebone                           199?    5

CD-EP       AUS

Double Allergic                        1996   12   Produced by Tim Whitten and Powderfinger

CD          AUS   Polydor 5331532

Internationalist                       1998   13   Produced by Nick DiDia

CD          AUS   Polydor 559 201-2 (limited edition with bonus disc)

Odyssey Number Five                    2000   11   Produced by Nick DiDia and Powderfinger

CD          AUS   Grudge/Universal 5490922

Vulture Street                         2003   11   Produced by Nick DiDia and Tony Reyes

CD          AUS   (limited edition with bonus DVD)
            AUS   Universal 9808765
            EUR   V2
            UK    V2

LP          AUS   (limited edition)

These Days - Live In Concert           2004   23

Double-CD   AUS   Universal 9823524

Fingerprints - The Best Of 1994-2000   2004   17

CD          AUS   Universal 9823521

Dream Days At The Hotel Existence      2007   11   Produced by Rob Schnapf

CD          AUS   Universal 1735252 (limited edition with bonus DVD)

Contribution to album

UnDone - The Songs Of Duran Duran          1999
Triple J - Five Alive                      1999
More Music, Live From The Panel            2000
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2   2001


Bishop Stephen (b) 1989-19??
Coghill Jon (d,perc) 1992-present
Collins John (b,d) 1989-present
Fanning Bernard (v,g,k,harm) 199?-present
Haug Ian (g,v) 1989-present Far Out Corporation
Middleton Darren (g,bv,k) 199?-present Drag

Sources of information: Oipic - The Powderfinger Fanpage, Powderfinger Homepage
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